Clearing the Fog…

It’s time to set some goals! 🙂

I know that I’ve just completed a very huge goal, but seeing as that was pretty much my main goal for the last year+, I’m having a little bit of a difficulty getting set on the next items to do.  I think I’m just a bit burned out after all that focusing, planning, editing, PR-ing, creating and just plain doing.  After the last box was shipped from the Kickstarter book launch, the migraines set in and I was pretty much down for the count for a week straight!  After indulging in some muscle relaxers at night, I was finally able to get those under control.  But by then I had spent nearly 2 weeks in pain.  If you’ve thought recently in your dealings with me that I seemed just a tad flaky, well…it’s because I was trying to think through the fog and that isn’t always the best plan, lol.

Hence my post today!  Even though I’ve needed a bit of a break, life still goes on and there’re still items that need to be marked off the to-do list.  I’ve just plain got stuff to do and I need a bit of organization and motivation!  I figured my bloggie would be the best place to do that…with the encouragement and fortification of all my loomy buds! 🙂

This is the pattern we’ll be using to create Megan’s version of the Mad Hatter!

So here goes!  Here are the things I have on the top of my list:

  1. Complete Megan’s Halloween Costume…she’s going to be the Mad Hatter and I’m becoming a Mad Mama (crazy, that is!) just trying to focus on getting this thing done! 😛
  2. Complete 2 scarf sets.  These are gifts that I need to get done as soon as possible to be able to deliver them in a timely manner.  I can’t go into too much detail, as the recipients might actually be reading this, lol. I will say that both scarves are complete and I just need to make a hat for one set and fingerless mitts for the other to be able to mark them off the list.
  3. Koby the Striped Kitty!  This is for our blogiversary and book launch party winner, Catharine Plummer.  🙂  She chose to have me create her very own Koby (a choice that I highly commend, as Koby is such a fun little character and is liked by all who have the chance to meet him!).  I have completed looming his head, body, 4 striped legs and tail.  I still need to do his 4 feet, his 2 ears, his muzzle, stuff and assemble him.  I will be doing a separate post about this subject very soon, as I’m using the new Martha Stewart Loom Set to make Koby this time and I’m going to be sharing my feelings about the experience!
  4. Hubby has requested a SWEATER!  This is quite something, as he hasn’t really asked for anything before.  Well…maybe a long time ago, when I first started looming, I remember him saying something about the fact that “now I could make him a sweater.”  Well…needless to say I balked at the idea at the time and went about my merry way looming and designing all the fun little things that came to my mind and forgot all about it…that is, until he reminded me quite insistently about that long forgotten request.  I am still balking at the idea, lol.  I don’t know why…I’m sure it’s going to be magnificent (I’m crossing my fingers & toes here).  It’s just the idea of making something so big as an XL men’s sweater, with the expectations for a gorgeous fit at all time highs.  I tend to gravitate toward simple things that size doesn’t really matter that much and it doesn’t take that long to knit, lol.  I will be posting more about this subject soon too, as we’ve found the perfect fiber which will be actually spun into the perfect sweater yarn by my daughter Emily!  Won’t that be cool?!  A regular heirloom piece: a sweater that was knit by hubby’s wife out of yarn that was handspun by his eldest daughter. 🙂 We’ll have to get our youngest daughter Megan to sew on the buttons or something, so that it will truly be a gift to Evan from all his girls. ❤  (Talk about high expectations, right?)  Because of the enormity of this project, I’m dubbing it: Beast. hahaha… Hopefully we’ll be able to transform Beast into Beauty before we know it!
  5. Lose 30 LBS by the end of this year!  Needless to say, I’ve been sitting on my duff a lot for the past year and I am fully intending on dropping those extra unwanted pounds that came along with the territory.  Well…not all 30 lbs happened from this…probably more like 10, but I’d really like to drop the full 30, and I believe that with careful diet and exercise I can succeed. 🙂  I actually officially started yesterday, October 25th.  Here’s my official recording of it, lol.

Okay…I think that’s enough to take onto my plate right now.  I think that these things will last me through the end of the year, don’t you?  I know that the 2 loomy items will be done pretty quickly, as they are on the top of the list and I’ll be trying to pump those out fast.  I will probably add other little loomy items in their place as the previous are completed.  That will provide me with a little variety as I work on the larger goals of weight loss and completing Beast by Christmas. 😉

I’ve drawn up this progress chart and will be placing it in the sidebar, so that I can publicly keep track of my progress on each item.  I think it will seem more official that way, and I’ll have more motivation to work through the fog and get this stuff done, don’t you?  I’m feeling better already, just laying it all out on the screen for you!  Thank you for that! 🙂

I didn’t put the Mad Hatter on there, because that will be done by this weekend.  In fact, I really should be working on that right now, lol.

Shhhhh….don’t tell Megan that I’ve been playing on the computer and not tied to the sewing machine this morning… 😉

I hope you’re all having a terrific week and are finding ways to stay happy, organized and working with your yarns and looms!


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17 Responses to Clearing the Fog…

  1. Sounds like your plate is full again mama! Hey for inspiration try making a few of those promised phone calls to supporting loomy friends. You just might get some more creative juices going and motivation! 😉 Oh wait am I one of those? hmmm I AM off right now….

    LOL You’ll do great on the BEAST!, haha! love the name. And that is so great it will be from all his girls!

  2. Robin McCoy says:

    And what are the odds that I wanted to be #1. Alice or #2. Mad Hatter? Too bad I couldn’t afford the material and pattern. Oh well. Not like I had a party to go to. Maybe next year I can get the whole fam into it. 😉 Good luck and Happy Halloween!!!!

  3. gettinitpegged says:

    haha! Kristen, that’s a great idea! I haven’t forgotten about those calls…in fact I have a list right here in front of me with the names of those to whom a call is due. I just haven’t felt very chatty lately with these headaches and I want to actually be good company on the phone when I do, lol. 😉 I do know we have a couple items to talk about, so maybe this week is a good time to cross yours off the list! ttys!

  4. Lynn Markman says:

    BeThany, I love reading Your Blog! A WonderFul Way for me to spend some time with you, my dear, catching up on news, after all the “Book Biz”!! Thank you for sharing your goals, and your family. I’ll keep you in prayer for strength and relief of the “head-ache”! Headache, go away! xoxo

  5. gettinitpegged says:

    Robin, I think it would be so cool if your whole family decided to go as the Alice in Wonderland characters! 🙂 If you start a year early, you’ll have no problem getting it all lined up. Megan is also going to be attending a friend’s birthday party in March and the birthday girl chose to have an all Alice themed party, with costumes required…hence the Halloween choice for Meg, lol! We’re doing two party costumes at a time here! 😉 Hope you all have fun trick or treating!

  6. gettinitpegged says:

    Thank you so much Lynn! hehehe…I always tell folks and family that ask me what I’ve been up to lately that if they just read the blog, they’ll know all, lol! 😉 (I’m definitely a talker and a spiller of beans!) I’m so glad to know you like to read all my ramblings…I enjoy reading your posts through the Yahoo group too…blessings to you! 🙂

  7. Bethany,
    You have a ton on your plate… again! Those migraines are letting you know that your body is in need of REST. Knitting on looms (or needles) does put strains on the spine, and in particular the “Atlas.” (This is the vertebrae that holds up your head)… If you are putting that much time into knitting, you really need to ask your hubby for some chiropractic care… this will also help you with weight loss 🙂 (Kill two birds with one stone). By the way, I’m not a chiropractor, but I do go to one which has helped a great deal! Love ya 🙂

  8. gettinitpegged says:

    Oh, thank you for your helpful and concerned comments, Jolene! 🙂 I really should see a chiropractor. I used to see one regularly, but insurance and a long distance move caused me to put it on hold. I really need to start seeing one again. I didn’t know it helped with weight loss, though…that’s good to know! 🙂

    Truth be told, it’s actually more computer time that does it to me and not the knitting. There’s just something about sitting, typing and mousing that does me in. The last three weeks before the book deliveries were spent at the computer editing that DVD (after lots of editing and adjusting, each one actually took almost an hour to burn and I made 40!)…it was a huge undertaking and I’m so glad THAT part is over with, lol! 🙂 I hope you’re having a great week!

  9. Start hula hooping!!! it can burn a couple 100 calories and is fun. Check out i may be taking classes to teach hoop fitness from one of their grads,

    have fun losing weight, dont let it be a burden 🙂

  10. Bethany, I am so glad to hear that you are over the computer editings and having to burn DVD’s!!! I am enjoying your book and the DVD, if that is any consolation. I like that idea of Josie’s…using a hula hoop 🙂 I’ve got to check it out, sounds so fun. Have a great weekend!

  11. kellyknits says:

    This sounds like a good idea to me to help get motivation! I decided to join you in your progress blogging! Just put my entry up today.

  12. I’m going to be checking in here, a lot, for blogging purposes 🙂 Thank you for inviting all of us to blog with you!

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