Introducing Megan, the Mad Hatter (or not-so-mad-before-the-poor-times-set-in, haha!)

A Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween!

This Halloween has been pretty much focused on Megan…  most likely due to the fact that Emily is now 19 and didn’t really have any desire to get all dressed up. 😉 Megan, on the other hand, has been planning her costume for months!  It will serve a dual purpose, as her friend, Kelly, is planning on holding a costume-required birthday party in March with the theme of Alice in Wonderland.  Megan called first dibs on the Mad Hatter and immediately began formulating her plans.

While she was preparing, I was book launching and didn’t have any time to spare for costume making.  She kept reminding me of how much time there was left until Halloween, and I kept promising that it would get done in time, to the worried and scolding looks on her face. 😛 While she waited for me to hold up my end of the bargain, she went about searching all the little things that would make up her version of the Mad Hatter. This included an actual working pocket watch, vintage earrings and pendant, peacock feathers, decorative buttons, and of course, all the fabric and patterns needed to build this into a working costume.  I’m really quite amazed at how well she planned this whole thing out!

Well…this last week was spent at the sewing machine, and sure enough!  We got it done in time!  Yay (to the abundant relief of both mom and teen, lol)!!!

When I provided her with the freshly sewn coat, vest and hat, I gave it over to her to decorate and fill in all the missing accessories.  She sewed all the buttons on herself and created her upscale, steam-punk, before-all-the-poor times version of the Mad Hatter that you see below:

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Doesn’t she look amazing?!  I think she’s absolutely gorgeous as the Megan version of the Mad Hatter!

The drawing at the top of this post is from last year’s Halloween, also drawn by Megan.  She creates these super fun characters that are versions of people in her daily life…these comic strips are called “Dailey Occurrences”.  😀  She is so great at finding the humor in every day happenings and putting them in very expressive cartoon strips.  This is a page from her holiday post cards collection that she said I could share with you all.  We hope to publish some of her comics on her very own site soon…so stay tuned for that in the future.

I hope you all have a Delightfully Frightful Halloween Night!  (a quote from my girlfriend, Guppygirl <3)  Happy  & Safe Trick-0r-Treating!


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11 Responses to Introducing Megan, the Mad Hatter (or not-so-mad-before-the-poor-times-set-in, haha!)

  1. What a totally cool costume! Megan, you look awesome 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    What a great job on the costume!

  3. PS – LOVE the artwork. Very fun ❤

  4. cre8tivkj says:

    Outstanding! She should be a costume designer! And you did a fab job sewing it up. She looks so beautiful too!

  5. Wow! Beautifully done and what a gorgeous model for that incredible costume!

  6. Kathy says:

    It looks fantastic!! 😀

  7. Absolutely beautiful. I love the professional way she made it all come together. Really love the hat.

  8. Karen Aicken says:

    What a great costume – Megan is so creative!
    Cheers, Karen

  9. wow, excellent job Megan. I was lucky if I found a clean white sheet for a ghost costume!!

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