Halloween Hap’nins 2011~

Well…as it turned out, my eldest daughter, Emily, decided to dress up for the Halloween festivities as well…Surprise, surprise! She dove into her closet and found the makings for her own version of the March Hare.  She is also going to be attending the Alice in Wonderland birthday party in March and used this as her trial run for her costume. I love that I didn’t have to lift a finger for her ensemble, lol…except to help her touch up the little bit of make up design on her face.  Yay!  Doesn’t she look cute?!

Emily as the March Hare~

We traveled south to our home town and visited my parent’s house first, and then made our way to my sister’s house, where Halloween is ramped up to the max (mostly due to my brother in law’s love for scary theatricals, lol)!  Megan had candy duty all night and was kept very busy with the hoards of kidlets and parents that make their way to their place every year to see the show.  🙂   So fun! My favorite part was getting to see my two great nephews and great niece all dressed up…seeing and hearing their playful actions is food for my soul. ❤

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I hope you had a hauntingly good time on Monday!


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