Another Kitty in the Koby Family…

This is the newest Koby, freshly created for the Blogiversary/ Kickstarter prize… the one where the winner got to choose whatever pattern from the new book, Loom Knitting for Little People, for me to make especially for them! 🙂

Catharine Plummer was our winner drawn for this  particular prize and she chose to have me loom up a Koby of her very own!

This is the Koby I had been working on when I reviewed the Martha Stewart Loom Kit  and if you remember, I had to do a little bit of adjusting to get the peg numbers to match as close as I could to the original written pattern.  It turned out that his head, body and all four feet were made with 2 additional pegs than the previous Koby.  I thought this wouldn’t make too much of a difference between the two, but when I placed the Koby made from the MS Loom next to the original Koby, the difference was clearly seen…

The first time my eldest daughter, Emily, saw them together, she said, “He shouldn’t be called Koby… he should be a Brutus!”   🙂

Then, a bit later my youngest daughter, Megan, saw the new kitty-brothers together and said, “His name should be Brutus, not Koby!”  hahaha!  You don’t think these two girls are related or anything, right? Lol! 😀

Needless to say, these guys are so cute together, but are definitely different in size.  The newest member of the Koby family looks like our original Koby’s big brother, lol!

But oh, isn’t he so handsome?

…and he has such a spritely tail!  This is the result of that little bit of trouble I had in decreasing the tail to its nicely pointed tip, while using the square setting of the MS Loom. The circle setting with the special “bird’s eye” adjustment would have been much more suitable for this particular segment. 😉  But, as Brutus/Koby demonstrates, he can be completely and very easily created using the new MS kit.

This Koby even has a special loomy tag which has his care instructions on the back. You know… when to feed him, how often he needs cat naps, the fact that he needs regular access to video chat to be able to say “hi” to his other Koby brother, clear over there in Washington State, lol. 😉

If you haven’t noticed, I have adjusted my progress bar (in the right hand sidebar) to reflect the fact that the “Koby Project” is all done!  Yippee!  At least one thing is marked off and all colored in.  Now I need to focus on the rest of the to-do’s, lol. 😉

I hope you’re all gearing up for a fantabulous Thanksgiving holiday!  We are thawing our turkey-bird as I type and have been shopping and baking and cleaning, to be ready for the oh-so-sweet & delish festivities.  May all your family be well, happy and safe throughout this week!  🙂


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10 Responses to Another Kitty in the Koby Family…

  1. I have not seen the whole book but of what I have seen he is my fav…

  2. Karen Mokas says:

    could you possibly send me the MS instructions( What pcs, etc.) These would be perfect for the kiddo’s at Nationwide Children’s Hospital…. hugs Karenm

  3. Jenny says:

    Koby’s big brother is too cute 🙂 Lucky Catharine!

    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving ❤

  4. Lea Cook"Kalicokat" says:

    I really need to make this. How long did it take you to complete?

  5. gettinitpegged says:

    Hi Karen! 🙂 You can see most of the pieces in my post here:

    I used the little 12 peg square for the legs, the round circle for the head, body, tail (well, I recommend doing the tail with the circle pieces, so that you can decrease much easier…I originally knit it with the 12 peg square but had difficulty with the tip. 😉 ). The only other configuration I used was the 2 “U” shaped square end pieces (that make up the little 12 peg square) along with two 6 peg straight pieces to make a rectangle of 22 pegs for the feet. That’s it! 🙂

  6. gettinitpegged says:

    Lea…I think it took me probably 14-16 hours total. It’s hard to remember, as I did it in spurts, lol. 😉 I believe it tended to take around an hour per leg because of the striped color changes, etc. I know that it took me around 4 hours to stuff all the pieces and assemble the body parts into his cat shape, because I was on the phone chatting with my bestest girlie friend during that process. That made it much more enjoyable, lol! 🙂

    I think you should definitely make one of these guys! They are just too cute to pass up.

  7. gettinitpegged says:

    I know, Jenny (aka: bestest girlie friend, lol!)! It was super hard to say good bye to Big Brother Brutus and send him on his way to his new adopted parent, Catharine. But I know he’ll be very well taken care of. ❤

    I hope you all have a super fantabulistic Thanksgiving holiday as well, Jen! Don't tire yourself out too much in the kitchen…you have lots of helpers that can be stirring and fetching for you, so put 'em to work, haha! 😉

  8. jtorgler says:

    Absolutely love your new book, and I’m gearing up to loom the winter months away by making all sorts of your goodies! Thanks again for the new, autographed loom knitting book!
    Jolene 🙂

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