It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, It’s FLOODING!

Well, the excitement in my neck of the woods is that the woods are being washed away!  We had some nice snow up in the mountains and in the valleys…I love snow!…but, when it turned to rain in the mountains and the valleys, all the rivers decided they couldn’t contain all the bounty. 

We haven’t had a flood like this since 1996.  During that exciting year, I was VERY pregnant, and partially in labor, and we were going to be stranded if we didn’t pack up a leave our house immediately.  We gathered our stuff, jumped in the car and had a very exciting race across torrential rivers over roadways, etc.  I was using a midwife’s services and so we had a “birthing kit”.  We fully expected that my husband was going to have to make use of this rather than my midwife! LOL!  My daughter luckily proved to be of the stubborn sort, and decided to not grace us with her presence until the waters receeded and we could make it to the midwife’s office, a few days later.  Such a good baby!  🙂

Last night, as we heard rescue helicopters flying over repeatedly, we sent up blessings to those in need.  We are lucky enough to be in a place that doesn’t get drowned when the flood waters rise

When my husband left for work this morning, we all told him to be very careful. He assured us he would be fine…he works just right up the road.  BUT…I just got a call from him…he decided to go a little farther to pick up a coffee, drove through some water (thought it was okay because he was in a truck) and now he can’t start his truck.  I have to go rescue him with some jumper cables…I hope that’s all he needs!  What we’ll do just for that morning cup of coffee.  😉

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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  1. Jacob says:

    Thiss was great to read

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