LOOK AT WHAT I JUST FOUND!”… and they are 25% off this week if you enter in promo code “SAVE”

Uglies Snuglies

Aren’t these absolutely adorable?? These would make the perfect Christmas gift if you’re looking for ideas.  They are seriously only $22.46 each right now!

I just heard about these little guys from my friend, Cathy, whom we previously worked with at Provo Crafts for the Knifty Knitter Infomercial and the DVD.  She was so excited about these fun toys that I thought I’d share them with YOU…especially at that excellent promo price! 🙂

Ugly Snugglies getting snuggled!I really love the LEARNING aspect of these pets-they are “pets with a purpose”.  They each teach something different and valuable to a kidlet!  …and the whole thing about them not being perfect, and that it is quite okay for a child to just be themselves and focus on those things that make them special…like these awesome special things about the UglySnuglies:

  • Unusual unicorn helps a child learn to tell time, and be on time,
  • The Bizzare bear helps a child learn to put their items away with its 5 hidden treasure pockets,
  • The Krazy Kitty helps a child feel safe with the LED light in its tail and it is a great reading companion for a child, too!  I know I always loved reading under the covers at night, lol! 😉
  • Pouty Pig has a piggy bank, which fits in perfectly with the “feed the pig” program that helps teach kids all about saving money…love it!

Pop on over here to see what other fun UglySnuglies they have!  Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post to tell me which ones you are ordering (or that are your favorites!).  I think I’m going to get the Krazy Kitty and the Pouty Pig. 😀  Don’t forget to use the promo code “SAVE”!


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