Part One of the “Mystery Project” Unveiled!

What does a girl say when she’s been away from her bloggie for an unprecedented 2 weeks???  Does she say life has been chaotic and she just couldn’t grab the extra few minutes to pop onto her computer with all pics at the ready and chat a while with you?  Does she say that her daughters have been monopolizing all available computer time with their online schooling and homework?  Yarn Ends!  yeah...Does she say that she’s been so busy knitting up a storm that there has not been a moment to spare to even collect her thoughts, let alone coherently write about them here? On the Plane...Does she say that she’s been jet-setting across state lines and meeting interesting and exciting people, while working on a heretofore top-secret loomy project?

Well…I could really take my pick of the above, as they’re all true! 🙂 

As I won’t bore you with the hum drum details of fighting over the computer with my girlies, and the every day pressing matter of trying to unpack bits of my life from the boxes in which they have been hiding ever since our move last month…I’ll get right onto the more juicy tidbits of what I’ve been doing while I was away…sound good to you?

Well…The most exciting piece of news is that I’ve been involved in a project for Provo Crafts!  They’re in the process of polishing up their promotions for the Knifty Knitter Looms, and the first stage of that is a brand new world-wide (gulp!) infomercial…of which yours truly got to participate in!  I know…crazy, right??  The best part of this whole deal is that I got to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah,  to meet and work with our own Isela Phelps, who is also a part of this new promotion.  Super splenderific, right?!  😀  The other best part:  since we were there, not a half hour from another loomy favorite, we planned to get together with a loomy threesome...the very sweet Jenny Stark (Guppy Girl!) and her hubby for dinner after the taping was complete.  It was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve ever had…both ladies are everything I’d hoped they would be and more so!  It’s really quite amazing to meet people who you’ve only known long distance, and when you’re finally face to face, it doesn’t seem like it’s the first time…that’s when you know you’re true Kindred Spirits.  🙂

Last minute makeup, lol...The infomercial is set to be shown the first of December, so be watching for it!  I didn’t get much sleep the night before, as I had to get up at 3am to catch the plane… long story, lol… SO, if you notice that I’m all puffy and red-eyed, and can’t string a coherent thought together, this would be why, lol! 😉 Isela, Producer Beau and myself...

Isela, on the other hand, was both professional and stunning… flashing the camera and everyone around with her amazing mega-watt smile!  😀  It was truly a pleasure to get to hang with her for the day.

The infomercial will be jam-packed with loomy goodies from several designers including:Shannon Irling hard at work Shannon Erling, Anne Bipes, Isela, and myself.  Many of these I’m sure you’ll be able to recognize, so keep your eyes peeled for your favorite projects!  It was so fun getting to see so many models sporting our pieces and strutting their stuff in front of the camera…what a surreal experience!

There will be several new pieces to be seen as well…such as:Ruff-les and Stripes from the front

RUFF-les & Stripes Doggie Set!

Ruff-Ruffles & Stripes Set!


 Ruffles and Stripes hat

hehehe…I’m not that great in hats, just wanted to let you get a look at what the shaping looks like while wearing. 😉

Scarfie to match my Half Fingered Gloves!

Okay… I have to say that I love these Half Fingered Gloves (pattern by Karen Gielen) and the colors they’re made in.  I pretty much always find excuses to wear them, lol!  They’ve been laundered, blocked and shaved numerous times, and still look great!  (Thanks, Karen!)  When the producers needed a basic scarf for the infomercial, I just knew that now was the time to give my favorite snuggies a buddy.  So, onto my looms went the same yarn, and soon I had this marvelously stripey scarf… L-O-V-E it!  I have a new thing to find excuses to wear now, lol (in fact I’m wearing it now!  😉  )  The colors just make me so happy and calm and at peace with everything…and this is a very good thing.

Isela and Bethany during the taping...Well…There is still one more piece to the puzzle before the complete mystery is revealed (well…there might still possibly be a couple in the works…we’ll see & I’ll be sure and let you know). This will entail another trip on a plane and another visit with my wonderful best loomy buds ever…BIG SMILE from me! 😀

**Little extra tidbits:  5 Things I Learned About Isela:Isela and Bethany, meeting for the first time! edit

  1. She’s every bit as fun and lively as she is online!
  2. She loves to eat!  It’s amazing that as tiny as she is, how healthy her appetite can be, lol. 
  3. One of her favorite shows on TV to watch is The Nanny with FranIsela modelling a new way to use the Felted Basket Bag, lol Drescher- hehehe…I’ll always remember this, Isela!
  4. She’s very good at meeting people and being warm and open with them… she was friends with everyone on the set before the day was done. 
  5. She has a wonderful, quirky sense of humor! 😉

After the next phase of the project, I’ll be able to give you 5 things I learned about Miss Jennifer Stark…something to really look forward to! 😀

One last thing:  Happy Halloween, everybodyWooly Felted Pumpkins with Spencer the SpiderI hope you’re all ready for trick-or-treating and pumpkin’ carving fun… I just love this time of year!  I also wanted to remind you that you can find a Wooly Felted Pumpkin pattern here at the site, just itching to be worked up on your looms…it’s quick and easy and something that’s great to display clear through Thanksgiving!  Spencer the Spider is one you’ll be able to whip up in a quick jiffy to add to your Halloween decor, or a last-minute touch to your costume…he can be made in about a half hour, tops!

So what are you waiting for?  Happy Haunting!


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15 Responses to Part One of the “Mystery Project” Unveiled!

  1. Isela says:

    OMH! You have that picture with my favorite hat! I am just going to have to swap it for my blog too. Now, I am behind…gosh, I need to get posting about this but now you posted so I can just say, hop on over to Bethany’s blog, LOL.

    The doggy sweaters are so adorable! They really are and I don’t even have a dog and I want to make a little sweater.

  2. Robin McCoy says:

    Isela, you can make the doggy sweater for my Gandolph! LOL! Otherwise I’ll have to make it myself. 😀
    Bethany, I really am excited for you and can’t wait to see you on television. Are they going to give a tv station schedule so that we’ll know where the show will be aired?

    Now, I’m gonna go pout that I couldn’t hang out with 3 of my favorite loomies. 😦 I feel sooooo left out! WaaaaaHaaaaaHaaaa! 😛

  3. Karen says:

    This is so very exciting!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you and Isela. I can totally see Isela flashing her mega watt smile, she is a natural celebrity 🙂 I hope I can see this show. I have limited stations I can see (that is when I get the tele away from the kiddos). I can’t wait!!!

  4. gettinitpegged says:

    Thanks so much for the well wishes! 🙂 I’m not sure which channel this will be airing, but I’ll be sure and let you know when I do, K? I think that it will be ongoing for at least a month…longer if the commercial seems to be successful…so you’ll probably get really sick of seeing me in your living room by that point, lol! hahahah! ;D

  5. gettinitpegged says:

    Awwww….Robin, if we could have you there, we SO would! It would make the trip complete to have you there too! We really need to do something to figure out how to make it possible for every loomy to get together somehow. I’m thinking Loomy Retreat, but then we would still have the trouble of travel expenses….hmmmm…help me think on this, okay?? 😉

    I’ll make sure that you get a copy of the doggie sweater pattern so that your poor Gandolph will be nice and toasty this winter…but, I might avoid the pink ruffles…he might get a poochie complex, lol! 😉

  6. robinlmccoy says:

    Yeah, I was gonna avoid the pink ruffles. He acts like a Mama’s Boy so well, but he still needs some macho. I was thinking camo colors, maybe. 😉 I think that would suit his tan fur.
    I’m all for the loomy retreat, but Isela said last week that there could be no looms! LOL! I told her I’d just bring my needles….or talk so much that it wouldn’t matter if I brought a project at all. LOL! But I was thinking that it would be awfully neat to have a workshop/seminar type retreat for everyone to learn the finer points and more advanced techniques like socks and sweaters. 😀 That would be soooo cool! I don’t know how much room Cliff has at his place, but he is smack dab in the center of the nation. LOL! Us Kiss Loomers keep teasing him that we’re gonna come invade his place anyway.

  7. gettinitpegged says:

    oooo…camo would be super machismo cute! 😉 I think he would appreciate that, lol.

    hahaha…Loomy Retreat with no looms! I think we could have Isela there as the Honorary Princess of the Retreat, who wouldn’t have to lift a finger to any looms at all, LOL! She hasn’t given me my birthday tiara back, so I guess she can just keep that until then, lol! ;D

  8. Isela says:

    Woot! Give my Tiara back…never! I was going to give it to little Nyah for her birthday :).

    I think Robin should come too to this next time, we will be looming already but only for a little bit. We would love to see you 🙂

    I just don’t want a retreat where all I do is work…I want to have fun only…the yellow personality in me comes out then.

  9. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    Oh yes, Robin is right. We wouldn’t need one person teaching. Isela, we could work it in as a round robin. All work on something together. I think we all have some advice to loan out now a days. Some of us needle knit and some don’t.
    I would so love to meet everyone too. I of course would have to lose about 50 pounds so give me ample notice LOL.Isela, I would need salad!!!LOL
    I would love to gather around somewhere and just visit. Cliff is about midway for most. I don’t know if there is much around where he lives though. I think we would at least need to visit a yarn shop together too. That would give us a reward for the trip.
    They haven’t started the convention center here yet. If it got off the ground it would be fun to use it. It is supposed to be a Hilton with a nice area to camp or stay at the hotel. The new 150 million dollar hospital is finished just across the highway and there is a wonderful big yarn shop 45 minutes away, on the way from the airport actually.
    I need to force my son to finish his flying license. He could hop all over picking everyone up. LOL, I haven’t even gone up with him yet so I wouldn’t do that too soon. He wants to wait about 2 more years to finish his PhD then get it. Maybe then I can be a jet setter. I will have to supply his gas which isn’t cheap but he will need the practice. I’m sure I can find many places to visit. Mississippi, for Robin, Utah for Jenny, and Isela, California for Graciela, Washington for Bethany (that is where right?),Marcie in North Carolina, Helen in England and he will go to Alaska first, that is his favorite place right now. Then I want to visit New York (I’ve never been) and go to the lion brand showroom and across the river to flying needles shop. (she has that funny van with yarn on top). I will meet Brenda in Ga hopefully real soon(our next visit to MIL).
    Why are we so spread out??

  10. Jenny says:

    Awesome post Bethany 🙂 I am so happy for you and Isela to be in the infomercial. You will both be great!

    It was so awesome to be able to meet up for dinner. We had the best time with you and Isela ❤

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

    Hugs and loves!

  11. Dianne Carroll says:

    This is just so oh exciting and with my favorite people, how wonderful; can’t wait for the infomercial. Wish I was there with you guys. Yeaaaaaaaa for the loomers.

  12. gettinitpegged says:

    Awww…we sure wish you were there too, Dianne! It’s so hard to not have everybody involved right along with us. As you can see from the discussion in the comments, we’re trying really hard to figure out a way to get something going that will enable us all to get together…not sure if we’re just dreaming, but it never hurts to dream, right? 😉 ((HUGS!))

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