I got my Ugly Snugglies!

Ugly Snugglies Logo

Remember when I talked about the new softies, UglySnuglies?  Well, these guys arrived in the mail and I excitedly tore open the package, because I was really interested to see if they were as cute and squishy soft as they look…guess what?  They really are! 🙂  I was surprised to feel how absolutely soft their fur was too…very nice.  I am reserving these cutie pies for some special little urchins for Christmas and I’m really looking forward to hearing what they say about them.  But, really, I’m thinking that they’ll fall instantly in love with these guys! ❤

So, these are the ones that I chose:

• Pouty Pig – Has a piggy bank hidden inside to help kids learn to save their money…I know my own girls were crazy about saving spare change and carrying it around and counting it all. the. time.  This little piggy will only make this easier for a kidlett.

• Krazy Kitty – Has a high power LED light in its tail to help kids feel safe and to even encourage reading.  Okay…this is truly a fantastic feature!  His light is really pretty bright, too…perfect for reading under the covers or in a car.  What kid wouldn’t love this? 

Here’s a fun video that my friend Cathy is featured in talking about the UglySnuglies.  This will really help you get a feel about their size and squishability:

Cathy on "Daytime"

Click the photo above, or the link below to see the video! 🙂


So…these “Pets with Purpose, Super fun, super soft, Oversized stuffed animals are so ugly, they’re cute.  They prove YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE LOVED!  It’s What’s on the inside that counts”…and I like that message for kids, don’t you?? 😀

They’re still on promo as of the time I’m writing this, so if you hurry, you can get these for only $22.49…an excellent deal for such cute softies!


PS: in full disclosure, these little guys were sent to me to review by my friend Cathy, who is the media promotor for UglySnuglies.  However, you can be assured that the opinions listed are entirely my own. 😉  I hope you’ll get some of these to try for yourself!

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