…a little stripey goodness!

Here’s my half fingered gloves from the LAL at the Clique last week! 


I was able to finish them yesterday, by finding time to squeeze them in every where I went…

lunch time at work…Les Schwabs (I had to take my PT to get an emergency repair- the parking brake went Kablooey!)… riding in the car (until I got a tad motion sick!)… in between household chores/homework… 

Well, you get the picture, lol.   I’m really happy with them.  It’s really a wonderful project! 😀  And fairly simple, too!  LOVE those Knifty Knitter Loom Clips…the possibilities they open up are endless. 



I only strayed from the pattern once a couple of times. 😉  I added this fun Bind Off at the cuff.  I thought I’d like a little girlie touch there, and it turned out really cute! 

How do you like it?  Would you like a little tutorial?  You can let me know in the comments…I’d love to hear from you!  🙂 

This week at the Clique:  We’re having a LAL with our wonderful Robin McCoy!  She’ll be teaching her sweet little project that is featured in the current issue of the Loom Knitter’s Circle:  Leaves a Mark Book Mark!  Please feel free to join us!  🙂


This is where our little Sunday drive took us…

to a gorgeous view from the top of a hill overlooking a country valley.  A great example of what the Pacific Northwest looks like in November!  🙂  Pretty, isn’t it?a-hill-with-a-view

We just had to be careful, because there were a lot of hunters out looking for game…

yep.  ‘Tis the season. 

I didn’t want anyone straying too far from the main road, because you never know who’ll be glancing over at just the time you’re moving through the brush, and decide you look like their next meal!!!

But we had a great time getting out and washing away the cares of the daily grind in the beauty of the scenery. 

BTW:  I just had some very interesting news!  My sister just called me and informed me that she’s a new Grandma!!!  Her daugher just had a baby boy this morning… Nope…I didn’t finish the cap in time, (I’m waiting on my new B-day loom to get here so that I can do it justice, lol!)  but the ‘Lil Tykie booties will be finding some new little feet to perch on!  🙂  I’m sure I’ll have some pics to share with you soon. 

Have a great week, K?  K!  😀


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7 Responses to …a little stripey goodness!

  1. Those mitts are marvelous! I love the design and the yarn you selected. I always love your color selection. The girly bind off edge is a nice touch. What technique did you use for that?

  2. Karen says:

    Oh Bethany! I LOVE them! The stripes were a nice touch! I am too lazy to do stripes unless my yarn stripes on its own though 😦

    The girly bind off is super cute. I would love to hear how you did it 🙂

    Nice pics of the mountains. I used to live in Colorado and this is the time of year I really miss the mountains. I always loved the beautiful fall days when the mountains were snowcapped in the morning and you look out over a field of turning leaves with the backdrop of the mountains. Pure beauty!

  3. robinlmccoy says:

    Yeah, I am curious about the Bind Off too. 😀 You knew I would be! Your HFG turned out really well, though. Did you do the fingers and thumb all in black on purpose or is that a coincidence? It looks cool!
    I CAN’T STAND HUNTERS!!!!! It is a pet peeve of mine that you shouldn’t be out huntin’ unless you look to it as a much needed food source and even then you shouldn’t be feedin’ them deer corn from Wally World to fatten them up. That is illegal, but they still do it. Oooooooo!!!! And if I ever find a freakin’ hunter in MY WOODS shootin’ at animals on MY LAND….well, the hunter will become the hunted. LOL! I can’t stand the darn four wheelers they use to go out in the woods either. I hate four wheelers…and guns…and bright orange…and camoflauge…and, there has to be something else..OH YEAH, deer blinds! That is CHEATING! }:[

  4. LindaJ says:

    Yes Yes Yes!! Would love to know how to do the edging. You had to ask, LOL!! I am trying to get my 3-ring notebook straight with first half of cast on’s and second half with bind offs–I will now add edgings behind those.

    BTW-Love the edging! And the way the stripes formed. Fantastic job!

    I love the clips also and can’t wait for all the possibilities in knitting to come.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures, both of the glove and the scenery! Fantastic views!!

  5. guppylovesshark says:

    Very nice! When are you sending them to me ;D Just kidding. The bind off is pretty.

    The view is gorgeous. I need to go find a place like that to just sit and be at peace for a bit. 🙂

    Congratulations about the new baby! Have a great day!

  6. Pam Sawyer says:

    They turned out fantastic Bethany, love the colours. I’m curious about the bind off also, would love a tutorial on how to do it!

  7. Hannah says:

    Cool where did you get the loom clips? i looked at michaels but couldn’t find them!!!! Luv the gloves. So Snazzy.

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