Half Fingered Glove LAL!

Hey, everyone!  🙂  How’ve you all been doing?  I hope everything is going just swimmingly in your neck of the woods.

I wanted to give you a little “heads up” about the LAL that we’re having over at the Loom Knitter’s Clique:

glove_improvement1We’re hosting a special project by our very own Karen Gielen…her loom knit Half Fingered Gloves, using the long KK and the new KK clips!  If you’d like to join in, just go here to the Clique and we’ll get you going.

Karen is offering this great pattern for a limited time discount of half off until tomorrow, November 10th!  So hurry on over to her pattern blog: Creative KJ’s Patterns and pick up your copy today!

karens-dvdAnother interesting little tidbit…if you’d like to have her tutorial videos showing how to knit these, you can pick up a DVD of the entire project, from start to finish.

I’ve already received mine, and look how cute it is!  I just love the cover…very professional.



100-paperOn another note… about another class…

my Human Relations in the Workplace class, that is…

I got my 2nd paper,

and look what it says!  Yippee!!!

My first paper received a 90%… on a technicality, lol.  ;P

But I’m quite proud of this one.  Now let’s hope I did just as well on the test we had last week!  I’ll keep you posted…  Have a wonderful week, okay???


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2 Responses to Half Fingered Glove LAL!

  1. Karen says:

    Awwwe, thanks Bethany 😀

    Congrates on the paper!

  2. guppylovesshark says:

    Way to go Bethany 🙂 And 90% isn’t half bad either. Have fun with the LAL. Have a great day!

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