Newest Freebie!

My Frosty Friend...featured on the cover of the LKC!

Frosty the Freebies!

Remember this little guy? 

He was featured on the cover of the Loom Knitter’s Circle last winter!  Isn’t he so cute???

I thought that since we’re heading into the cold snap of the winter season, you should have a frosty little buddy to travel right along with you.  🙂

So go ahead and pop on over to the Freebies page and download your copy today!



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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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3 Responses to Newest Freebie!

  1. Kate Bastedo says:

    Hi…I’m looking to buy a loom…and don’t know if I should be getting the round or the long looms. Any advice?


    and BTW, that snowman will be the first thing I try, I think…he’s adorable, and it’s my decor theme…snowmen and snowflakes!


  2. Colleen Wolfe says:

    how do I download loom pattern for snow man thank you.

  3. Hello Colleen 🙂

    You simply to to the Freebies page:
    And scroll down until you find the snowman. Then click on the words “Frosty Friend”. That’s it! 😀


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