FO’s~ (of the previously un-finished objects, but are now officially NOT un-done, lol)

Is one of these YOURS? 😉

(The above were created with the help of my darling daughter, Emily, who is the quickest presser in the west!  …and I’m super happy to say that no fingers were sewn through during the process of making these particular goodies...this time.)

Bookmarks! 🙂

(These were designed by Tanya with Made by Telaine…aren’t they adorable?!   They were then decorated by the two other members of my fam: Hubby used the Crop-o-Dile and added teeny-weeny eyelets to each of the second o’s (bless him!).  My Megan, who is the quickest ribbon tie-er in the West (if not the whole world!) then proceeded to bedeck each of them with a pretty bit of colorful ribbon.  What would I do without my amazing peeps, I ask you??)

Whew!  Glad that part’s done! 🙂

Just a few more things to still mark off the list…most importantly, the you-know-what, lol!  I’ve just uploaded what should be the final version last night, so let’s cross our “everything in sight” for good measure, k?  …my humble thanks.


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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4 Responses to FO’s~ (of the previously un-finished objects, but are now officially NOT un-done, lol)

  1. Seeing so many wonderful bags and bookmarks shows how many books are going out. I hope your hand holds up when signing them all. Good luck, the end is near. Sales only now. 🙂

  2. ooooo, I’m getting excited to see all of my goodies and the book. I am finally getting the itch back to knit after being wrapped up in wrapping to move.
    Good to know I won’t have to return any fingers!!

  3. Jenny says:

    Look at all of those goodies 🙂 You guys have been busy! They look wonderful. Way to go Team Dailey 😉

  4. Love all that you do… thank you to your helpers, also 🙂

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