~my new BABY & her natural habitat…

I’ve been meaning to share with you a little something special that hubby Santa was able to deliver this year!…yes, he is indeed a special guy to be able to fit something this large into my stocking, lol. 😉

As some of you already know, my poor old sewing machine of 20 faithful years broke last year while in the middle of making some more Gettin’ It Pegged Gear.  I’ve been waiting ever so patiently to either have it fixed (it’s really my own fault for not just packing it up in the car and taking it to someone and pleading for them to “Please FIX IT!” 😉 ) or get a new one.  My hubby heard my plaintive cries and stepped in the be the hero of the day!

Meet my new BEAUTY…

She’s sleek and gorgeous!

She’s multi-talented and strong!

Best of all…she’s mine. 🙂

Here she is in her natural habitat.

I didn’t stop to straighten before I snapped this pic.  I wanted to give you an accurate view of what my little crafty corner normally looks like in it’s kind of cluttered state.  See where my sewing table is in conjunction to my yarn cubes?  (Which, by the way, were also a gift from my hubby at Christmas last year…I chose my lifelong love well, didn’t I, lol?)

So now you have more of an idea of where I create, brain storm, and sometimes bleed.  😉  Yes, my new baby bites.  She’s pretty raring to go and strains at the leash, so to speak, and if I don’t get my finger out of the way of her sharp tooth at the get go, well…needless to say, she’s full of spunk, that one!

Here’s another look at my area directly behind my new baby.

Right now I just kind of tuck little bits and bobs on my board that I don’t want to lose, lol.  But I do want to re-arrange it so that it is a little more useful to my crafting corner… something of an inspiration board full of great ideas.  Around the corner  to the right from here is a closet which we won’t talk about right now.  It’s in hiding, lol. 😉

Oh, I want to show you another special couple of gifties from this year…this time from my younger daughter Megan!  Let me tell you right now that we’ve raised these girls right…they feel that finding the perfect gift for someone at an antique shop is one of the rarest of joys to be treasured.  Isn’t that awesome???

Well, this year, my daughter found something that she knew I would both highly appreciate for it’s vintage quality and get a ton of use out of…

This lovely Pin Cushion!

…and interestingly enough, another replacement for a broken item.  We had years before made our own pin cushion out of a terracotta pot, some fabric and pincushion stuffing, but it had recently been dropped and broken.

She spotted this one at the store and knew that I would love it…and I do!

Especially when I saw that it does


Isn’t that so fun?  It’s Hot Pink!

I think the top was originally a deep purple, but now it’s a lovely old timey brown velvet…with it’s lovely zing of pinkness upon opening…too fun!

She also got this adorable little notepad cover with an old fashioned deer prancing on the front of it.  She knows that I’m always making notes of things as I work, and this just called out to her that it needed to go home to live with me. 🙂  What a sweetie that child is!

We mustn’t forget my eldest daughter… She’s a sweetie too!

She gifted me with a very fun game of Stitchopoly, a needleworker’s take on the classic game…so fun! 🙂

In between the purchasing of yarn shops and art lofts you get to go on stash runs and enter your art into state fairs…love the quirkiness of it!  Emily found this while working at Joann Crafts and just knew that it had to come  home to live with us.  🙂

Did you get any extra fantastic crafting gifties for Christmas this year?  Feel free to tell us all about them in the comments below!


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5 Responses to ~my new BABY & her natural habitat…

  1. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    My friend got the stitchopoly too. She brought it to a club meeting to show us. It is neat. I didn’t go today so I’m just staying home and loom knitting instead. The sun is shining and I need to do more to my storage also. This makes me want to make my bulletin board today, I bought the board on half off and some cute fabric and ribbon…guess I will go dig it all out and see what I can do. I love your areas. When my room is finished I will post pictures. It is finally getting there, peg boards and bulletin board to go up yet and more cleaning up and then photos. You are inspiring me to get finished.

  2. Peggi says:

    OOOOh, I’m jealous but my son did get me a Visa gift card so I could buy yarn on the internet.
    Treat your baby well and she will do many good things for you.

  3. Jolene Torgler says:

    Wow, she’s a beauty, all right! Love the pics of your craft room 🙂 Can’s wait to get your new book when it comes out!
    Keep on stitchin’

  4. angelphilipp says:

    Bethany your new machine looks wonderful, your little area looks very cozy. I love the little pin cushion. I was gifted an embroidery hoop for my machine from my son Timothy.

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