“You’re never too young to change a life on the other side of the world.”
-Ellie, Founder of KidKnits, Age 9

Truer words cannot be spoken!  How many companies do you know of that were founded by a nine year old?

I’ve recently had the privilege of seeing first hand what KidKnits has to offer.  In fact, I’ve been able to join forces just a bit with them to create two new projects made entirely out of their hand spun yarn, directly from Rwanda… projects that are included in the new book, Loom Knitting for Little People.

KidKnits Kit

The organization founded by Ellie and her family helps support widows and their children on the other side of the globe.  These families work to create hand spun yarns from their own merino sheep.  The yarns are dyed using natural ingredients indigenous to their area.  It is soft in texture, spun in an organic style chunky weight, perfect for using on the large gauge knitting looms.  The loom kits are very professionally presented with printed literature about the program, a book mark that features the person who actually spun the yarn, a skein of yarn in one of four vibrant colors, a Knifty Knitter green round 36 peg loom, loom tool and yarn needle…all contained in a re-usable hand sewn craft bag. 🙂  The yarn can then be purchased individually, as you’ll quickly go through the one ball and be ready to get on with the next!

The projects in the book use all four colors of KidKnit yarn in a spunky striped pattern.  You can make both of these projects with just the 4 balls of yarn and green loom …a perfect set to go with the hat you’ll be making from your first kit! 😉

My cousin Bryonna modelling them...isn't she adorable? :)

Rwanda Wristers and Walkabout Bag

Rwanda Wristers~

Rwanda Wristers and Walkabout Bag~

Aren’t they fun?  I just love how each of the projects turned out! 🙂  This is a set that you can make for those tweens, teens, or even for YOU!  Who says kids have to have all the fun, lol?

I’m so excited to have been able to work with KidKnits and include their wonderful product and giving, entrepreneurial spirit in the book, Loom Knitting for Little People.  After all, that’s what the book is all about…sharing the art of loom knitting with children, be them from our own family, or clear on the other side of the world!

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the book and help spread the news about it’s release!  Here’s all the info on that, as well as the terrific contest giveaways.  😀


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