…a steal of a deal for a life-giving Cause! :)

I’m sure you remember this…

What a terrific ensemble, right? 🙂

These are the Walkabout Bag & Rwanda Wristers included in the new book, Loom Knitting for Little People.

Do you remember where the inspiration for these projects came from??

If you answered


you’re spot on!

These are the four yarns used in the projects above.

Four skeins of yarn, two great looking finished projects, four days’ wages for a widow and her family in Rwanda… and a chance to help change the world a little bit for the better while doing a hobby you love. ❤

The Deal: For a limited time, receive a 10% discount when you purchase all four yarns! 😀  Just use the coupon code “LOOMKNITTING” at checkout.  Here’s where to order your special handspun and naturally dyed yarns: KidKnits Yarn.

In the words of 9 year old Ellie, founder of KidKnits…

“You’re never too young (or old 😉 ) to change a life on the other side of the world.”

Have a very happy weekend everyone!


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1 Response to …a steal of a deal for a life-giving Cause! :)

  1. jtorgler says:

    Have re-posted… I love their yarn!!!

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