Friday’s Finished Objects…YOuRs!

I’m so happy to share with you some gorgeous projects created by these very talented ladies who have used patterns found here at…

Didn’t they do an absolutely FANTASTIC job on ALL of them???  😀  I just love show ‘n tell day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember that you can send me a project pic any time and I’ll be super happy to share… just pop ’em to me at  🙂

Also, we’ll be sharing with you the collection of Loom Knit Oven Mitts that have been loomed over the last month during our Loom Alongs held at varying corners of the world wide web…there will be a prize drawing being held amongst the submissions, so if you haven’t sent in your own pic of your Oven Mitt please do so very soon, as the drawing will be held at the first of the month!  Can’t wait to see yours!

Happy Friday All…have a wonderful weekend full of frolicking fun!


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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1 Response to Friday’s Finished Objects…YOuRs!

  1. Josie says:

    Yay! Great job on all the projects. I plan to make some Scrubby O’s and mini Scrubby O’s. After I made my 1st Scrubby, I wanted a smaller one so I made one using less pegs (I beleive, i didn’t write it down, just winged it).

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