Making things right…(& a little extra fun!)

Sometime back (well…sadly, it was actually going on 6 months back) I introduced a special drawing for one of the lucky persons who purchased something from my shop at Artfire

Well…due to numerous things to take my attention away from this drawing, including my sewing machine going kaput, which was a vital piece of the plan for the giveaway…I’ve been super late in announcing the winner.  I do humbly apologize.

I’m extremely pleased that after all this time, I was finally able to put something special together as a prize that didn’t require the use of my sewing machine (which, unfortunately, still needs a liberal dose  of  TLC…it IS about 20 years old, after all, lol.).

After listing the name of the purchaser of each GettinItPegged Gear item during the time frame of the contest, then putting the Random Number’s Generator to the test, we finally have a winner!!! 😀

….Drum Roll……………….The Winner Is………

Carol Williams! 

Woohoo for Carol!  It’s kind of humorous, as I won a contest at her blog sometime ago and was able to order some terrific knives that I’m still learning how to use without cutting myself, lol!  😉

Congratulations, Carol!  You are the winner of a super cute tool bag for all your looming and crochet accessories!  (‘Cause I know you’re multi-talented that way!)  This roomy tool bag sports a 2 1/4″ button with the 2 Cool 4 Stix logo and an adorable ribbon tidbit with little sheep dancing along it’s edge.  Love it!  🙂

Now…to make things a little more exciting, I have 3 more of these sweet buttons that I’d like to give to some lucky loomers out there!  (This time, I promise that I’ll do the drawing in a much more suitable time frame, lol!)

The following are the Four Ways to earn entries to win of these 2 Cool 4 Stix 2 1/4″ Buttons:

  1. Subscribe to this blog in the “Be in the know” portion of the right hand side bar of this page…you’ll get automatic email versions of each new post here at Gettin’ It Pegged!  (if you are already a subscriber, you will automatically be entered)
  2. Pop on over to our new Gettin’ It Pegged! Face Book page and press the “like” button…make sure to leave a comment that states you have done so!  (all those who have already “liked will be automatically included in the drawing)…also, for each photo you add to the fb page, of items you’ve created using Peggin’ Pages Patterns, or items from the Freebies page, you’ll also receive an entry!
  3. Pop on over to my Artfire shop and/or my Cafepress shop and make any purchase!  (one entry for each purchase!)
  4. Make a comment to this post!  🙂

That’s it!  I think this will be a lot of fun…these buttons are really super cute and add just the right amount of bling to your loomy gear!  I will be holding the drawing one week from today:  November 10th… so make sure to get your entries in by then!

Congrats again to Carol, and Good Luck to the rest of you!


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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7 Responses to Making things right…(& a little extra fun!)

  1. Done and done 🙂 I’ve been eying one of your totes but think I may just have to get one of those super roomy beach bags instead. Is it going to be available in the I Play with String design?


  2. gettinitpegged says:

    Hi, Jenny! 😀

    For you…anything! I’d be happy to set one up in the I Play With String logo. It might be just a bit later, though, because all of those graphics are on my “sick” computer and I can’t easily get to them at the moment. 😛

    We should talk about our options in our next convo, K? Hugs!


  3. Sounds like a plan 🙂

  4. Carol says:

    WOW….THANK YOU! Yes, it is toto funny that you won on my blog and now I won on yours. We really ARE NOT rigging our drawings. 🙂

    Thanks so much, Bethany. Look forward to getting my prize!!!

  5. gettinitpegged says:

    Hehehe…Carol, it IS starting to look a little suspiscious, lol! But your name was what the mystical number generator wanted, so that’s what it gets! 😉 …I could’nt be happier though…well, maybe I could if it somehow picked ME to be the next recipient of a million bucks from some other drawing somewhere, lol!

    I’ll be popping your prize into the post very soon…happy day to you! 🙂

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