~Write post…check.

Life has once again taken a turn for us all here at the Dailey house…

My eldest daughter has started her first “official” job! 

She’s working at…    wait for it


Can we say “employee discount”?  Yippee!!! 

Needless to say, I’m thrilled at this turn of events.  Ever since resigning from Michaels Crafts, after a stint of almost 5 years, I’ve been sorely missing that money saving discount.  I’m very happy to have a way to save just a little bit more on my crafting addiction once again…thank you, Emily! 

Oh!… AND I’m very pleased that my daughter has taken the first steps to leaving Never Never Land.  😉 

She’s been experiencing Peter Pan Syndrome and just hasn’t been  very proactive about entering adult society.  But she seems to really be enjoying this new adventure so far.  I think she’ll do great when she finally sets her mind to just diving in. 

This change also means that I’ll be back to being official taxi driver…at least until she can get more practice driving and passes her test to get her driver’s licence.  Although, it might mean we either have to invest in another car, or I’ll still be playing the car shuffle so that I can also be available to drop off and pick up my younger daughter from school.

So here’s the official what’s happ’nin checklist:

~Employment for Emily…check.

~Spencer the Spider Yahoo Class…done & check.  (fun!)

~2 Photo shoots for the book, including 4 different finished projects…check. (modelled by 2 very cute great-nephews!)

~Joined a new knitting group…check.  (also fun!)

~At that knitting group met a professional photographer who might actually want to get involved in the book project…check!!! 😀

~Almost done with a new loomy project that has been on the loom for well over a year…check.  (wahoo!)

~Ordered and received project logo/care tags from Miss Label…check.  (LOVE them, by the way!)  😀

~Ordered (and still waiting for) actual business cards to go with the new website banner…check.  (Can’t wait to get these babies!)

~Find a place to hang out in Puyallup while daughter works, so I can make just 1 round trip, rather than 2…check.  (I’m writing this post from Borders, lol.)

~Need to find a big sign for the rear window that says “Student Driver!  If you value your lives- STAY CLEAR!”…. still need to do, so that we can get more driving practice under my daughter’s belt in this fender-bender-happy city.  If you see this PT coming your way… watch out, lol!  ;}

~Get more looming done… planning to right now!

Hope you’re having a “mark things off the list” week!  (’cause it just feels good, lol.) 😉


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6 Responses to ~Write post…check.

  1. Brenda Myers says:

    Wow!! You are one very busy lady, but at least you have the perk of getting a Joann’s employee discount. Does that discount extent to her April 15th birthday buddy? 😀

  2. Jolene Torgler says:

    Love your post, and congratulations to your daughter! Hope she makes it through the Christmas season without losing her mind, LOL!

  3. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    Joann’s plus discount=great.
    Do like I did, teach her to drive, don’t buy another vehicle, let her drive you around to your appointments and then she takes your vehicle leaving you without one. That is what happened here only insert son and he where you have a daughter. I may get a new vehicle one of these days :-{
    You have been having a great time it sounds like. Wait until the next one gets there too.

  4. gettinitpegged says:

    haha! Brenda, I’m sure we could work something out…when your birthday rolls around again, lol! 😉

  5. gettinitpegged says:

    Thank you, Jolene! I’ll pass along your good wishes to Emily. 🙂 …and yes, I hope she can make it through the holiday season unscathed as well. I’ve been keeping that little piece of information tucked away from her for now, so she doesn’t run away screaming, lol!


  6. gettinitpegged says:

    Thanks, Jeanette! 🙂 I’ll keep all your warnings in mind, lol…so sorry you ended up with no car! 😛 I think you should treat yourself to a new one soon…you deserve it after yours was “commandeered”! We were just talking about the car arrangement this evening and my hubby said that when we get another car, it’s HIS turn to have the new one and dd can use his old one, lol. (Which actually is a good deal, as it’s still an excellent car with a lot of get up and go…it’s a 6 cylinder!)

    Thanks again, Jeannette…hope you’re having a great week!

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