Patterns: new and “new to here”

I’ve been doing a little pattern updating for this little bloggie!

This place in cyber space is supposed to be about Loom Knitting right?  So I thought I’d better give you a little bit of loomy goodness to hold you over for a time, while busy-ness still consumes all our free time (and sanity) here at the Dailey household.  😛  We’re wrapping up the end of the year stuff for school (online 8th grade for my youngest and the finish of running start for my eldest), and I’m heading into full party planning gear for my eldest daughter’s graduation celebration in June… which should be fun indeed!  (at least I’m hoping, lol!)  The invites have been sent to the printers and I’m picking them up tomorrow…the community building in our home town has been reserved… ideas have been flying non stop for good old fashioned party fun. 🙂  I’ll keep you posted on the details on that as I go…

But wasn’t I saying something about loom knitting??  Oh, yes! Patterns! Heheheee… I’m telling you, if “side-trackedness” was a disease, I’ve definitely got it, lol!  I’m constantly being pulled in a dozen different directions.  😛

Okay…Back to business!

The first pattern I’d like to introduce is the pattern that was originally published as the bonus pattern for the 2009/10 Winter Issue of the Loom Knitter’s Circle….

It is now available for general purchase:


It’s definitely not too early to begin thinking about whipping up a few pairs of these to have handy when the cold weather hits.

The next item of business is a “new to the bloggie” pattern: Pretty Peds!  This project is specially designed for the EvenKnit Sock Loom by, but I recently created an alternate version for use on the Knifty Knitter, so you can find this version, as well as the link to the wonderful EvenKnit Loom here.

And last, but not least, there’s a new pattern of mine now available in the newest issue of the Loom Knitter’s Circle: 

Itty Bitty Bags!  These tiny projects was created as Christmas gifts for my girlies this past holiday.  They were needing little pouches for their MP3 players, so I whipped these little cuties up in no time flat with some yummy self striping sock yarn.  Please enjoy this project for it’s many uses (my youngest daughter has taken to using hers as a secret cash stash, or jewelry tote, whichever is needed most at the time, lol!) and easy versatility to convert to any size needed.

I hope you enjoy these new projects and can use them for some stash busting loomy fun!  Have a happy week! 😀


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2 Responses to Patterns: new and “new to here”

  1. Mel says:

    I’m looking for directions for using evenknit loom.

  2. Hi Mel 🙂

    Here’s a post from Isela Phelps which has a link to her PDF instructions for that loom :

    Bethany ~

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