Good times~Good tastes

Our family has been undergoing some changes.

We’ve been trying to adjust our daily routines and habits so that we are gearing more towards the healthy side of things.  It’s not that we haven’t been trying to do this somewhat already, but, particularly in the area of food intake, we haven’t been as careful as we could be…as we really should be.  😉  We all really enjoy breads… and sweets …and all manner of yummies that really aren’t good for us in the long run.

Diabetes in mild forms have been a problem on both sides of our families.  We decided that rather than wait until the problem strikes us hard from our bad habits, we’d try to beat it to the punch and take a detour…

Well…to be exact… a trial run down The Diabetes DTOUR DIET Cookbook.  It’s really packed with some fabulous meals and know-how on portion sizes and what nutrients your body needs to function properly.  We’ve been giving some of the menus a go and have found them to be pretty much delicious every time!

Every time I serve a new menu item, my hubby takes his plate and just ooooo’s and aaaaa’s about how gorgeous the food looks.  He says it’s like a holiday each time! 🙂  Praise and enthusiasm like this makes continuing with this project a no-brainer, right?  The portions seem small at first, but they’re actually really filling… and taste satisfying to the palette.  Most of them have been mmmmmmm approved by each member of the family!  Some of the greens, of course, are being snubbed by my youngest daughter, as she’s pretty picky about that kind of thing, but I figure that when the time is right, her sadly underdeveloped taste buds will kick into gear, lol!

The time to prepare these meals are really no more than I would spend on any other meal I tend to make, so we’re good there too.  Lots of fresh herbs and spices are used to really add punch to the recipes.

Results: After using this book and adhering to it’s plan about 90% for the last 3 weeks, my hubby has lost 7 lbs and several inches all around!  I’ve only lost about 4 lbs, but I can feel that I have shrunk a bit everywhere, and my clothes are fitting me better than before.  I’m not sure why I’m not dropping faster like I have with other “diets”, but I figure that if what we’re doing is healthy in the long run, then it’s worth sticking it out.

Here’s a peek at some of the dishes we’ve been enjoying lately: (just hover your mouse over the pics for the  names of the entrees) (and yes, these were made by little me…which goes to show that anyone can make these, lol!)

Looks pretty De-lish, right?  😀  This bottom one is a favorite breakfast of ours…my hubby says he would be happy having it pretty much very morning, lol!

I hope you’re all enjoying a happy and healthy middle of May!


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7 Responses to Good times~Good tastes

  1. Jolene Torgler says:

    Wow! Those all are making my mouth water! I’m a bit older than you and have to watch sugar/carb intake if I don’t want to become diabetic. Will try these recipes and see what my hubby thinks.
    I certainly enjoy your Purling Sprite “Gettin-It-Pegged” web site, too. Tried to make a scrubbie-O but messed up with the written directions that I downloaded. Just not sure what to do with WY after completing first wedge? Hope this finds your family doing well and you’re getting it “pegged” , too 🙂
    Blessings to all 🙂

  2. gettinitpegged says:

    Hi, Jolene! 🙂 Those dishes DO look tasty, don’t they?

    As for the Scrubby-O’s…when you complete one wedge, you just start over with the same exact instructions that you used for the first wedge to create the second one. Don’t cut the WY, just start building right on top of the original wedge that will still be on your loom, and use the exact same pegs as you used before. Hope that helps!


  3. Super review, Bethany 🙂 I may just have to pick up a copy. I swear my family would live off of straight bread and meat if I wasn’t here, lol. Good for you guys! ❤ Hugs!

  4. gettinitpegged says:

    Awww…thanks, Jenny! Good luck with this- I think you would enjoy the recipes in there! 🙂


  5. Kelly Jones says:

    I’d love the tandoori chicken recipe. Sounds so good!

  6. Brenda GA says:

    Wow! Those pictures look like a food designer put the dishes together. No matter how hard I tried, my food would never look that good. Also, thanks for the review – I’m always looking for new diabetic cookbooks. You are so smart to eat right before you get a diabetic ultimatum from your doctor. Sure wished I had been more vigilant.

  7. gettinitpegged says:

    Brenda, I’m sure you could make your dishes look just as tasteful…it’s just like a little craft project, lol! You give it just the right touches and balance to make it a piece of art. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed the preview…I didn’t even talk about the desserts…I haven’t tried many of them, but they looks sssssssoooooo delish!

    Kelly, the Tandoori Chicken has been one of our faves…so flavorful! You just have to marinate the thing for quite some time before cooking, so you have to plan ahead just a bit. 😉

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