The Road Ahead~

I’ve really been taking this “contemplating the next stretch of time the new year inevitably brings” very seriously…as you can imagine, since it’s already February! I’ve taken the time to ponder what has already filled the hours of my days in recent history…and have decided that it’s been, as a whole, something to be proud of, if somewhat a little too manic at times.
I’ve come to the conclusion that this year I need to focus my energies, as well as having a little breathing room for the things that pop up unexpectedly in life that just should not, in any way, be dismissed. Just as I have taken the time to line up my previously “jammed hither and yon” stash into neat and orderly cubbies, I have found the need to fine tune my creative juices into much the same kind of package.
Life with both a middle schooler learning from home and soon to be both HS and AA graduate has been extremely time consuming this year. It has taken up all the time that I had previously spent on my own schooling pursuits, as well as holding down a regular job! Don’t get me wrong, for I am perfectly mindful of the importance of this change, and value it highly…I’m just genuinely surprised! My life has so utterly and completely changed this year from the last several, that it has really taken me some time and deep thought to find MY place in the whole…know what I mean? And in that, there needs to be balance.
This is the word I have been trying to overlay into our every day goings-on…BALANCE. Doesn’t it feel good to just say it? So soothing and simple. Yessssssss…. 🙂
I’m going to be making some changes to this little corner of the web. Rather than flitting from one thing to the next, in pursuit of having as much fun and excitement as can possibly be mustered, I’m going to be working privately, at home, looming up wonderful what-nots that have been sketched in my little planning pads for ages…I really feel the deep urge and necessity to bring these ideas into reality.

I’m going to write a book.
               …maybe a series of books.

I’ve wanted to do this since long before I started this website, but the actual building of the “Loom Knitter’s Clique” has taken me down paths, that although very fun and memorable and I wouldn’t trade them for the world, are separate from the one that my heart is calling me to take now.
I will still be here, updating you all on my progress and goings-on, just maybe not quite as regular as before. I will probably find little projects along the way that are just dying to be shared immediately right here, for the satisfying of your Freebie taste buds. 😉 Can’t leave you hanging too awfully much! …and of course I will still maintain the Yahoo Chat Clique as a means of keeping in touch with my wonderful loomy buds and a way we can discuss questions about all the projects still to be found here at the Clique.
I do have other plans in mind for this year, one of which I will announce this weekend…as a way of spreading some of the loomy love around. LOL! 😉 I’ve been working on some prizes for the most recent giveaways in the Chat Clique, and for the participants of the Winter Whimsy Loom Along. These prizes are actually going to be my way of introducing you all to a new corner of the Clique…an actual loomy product line! How cool will that be?! I can’t wait to show you all!
Speaking of which, I’d better get off line and get back to work so I’ll actually have something to show! Thanks for listening…and for the support and encouragement throughout the next phase of loominess around here that you’ve always been so generous to give…you guys are wonderful! 😀 I’m very blessed to call you friends.

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9 Responses to The Road Ahead~

  1. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    I have to admit you are right. You are at the crossroads, the busy years of your children’s shaping. It is very important. Mine did a special college program called Tams at that age. Luckily for me it was provided at a college very close to my home but far enough for me not to smother them.
    We have come a long way in this looming path and given support, laughter and help along that way. You need to fulfill yourself too, or else you cannot be there for your family or even friends. Some are there for a reason, some a season and some a lifetime. We need to remember that. You can not contribute if you are all used up.
    I know you will not quit looming, and I will stay connected no matter what path you decide.
    Good luck and now you have us excited even with your busy schedule with what will come ahead.

  2. Isela says:

    Go with what your heart tells you. Family always comes first, especially when it is your little ones :). Good luck in your endevours.

  3. Robin McCoy says:

    I’m fully behind you! I was actually thinking of writing a book myself. Don’t know when, because I am focusing on my music right now, but I want to do a book of ‘formulas’ like the Loomed Sock Worksheet. Something that shows them how to get their own measurements and how to apply it and why to do it that way. Then a very simple pattern to insert their answers into to make hats, sweaters, baby clothes, etc.
    If you need a hand, just hollah!

  4. gettinitpegged says:

    Thanks so much for your kind encouragement, ladies! 🙂 You all rock!

    Jeannette, you are always the comforting voice of dependability and reason…Thanks for always being there! ❤
    Isela, you of all people, know exactly what I'm talking about…thanks for the cheers and wishes for luck! Hugs!
    Robin, I will definitely let you know if I need assistance…thanks for that! As for the calculator idea, it's so funny, because I intend on including just such a thing…not so detailed as your sock calculator, but a gauge calculator, so that the projects in the book can be easily created in different sizes and with varying looms. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Jenny says:

    Hey Girlfriend 🙂 Wishing you luck with your new focus. That is so neat! I can’t wait to see what you turn out. Hugs and loves!

  6. Scarlett says:

    If you write a book or a series of books, I’ll be waiting in line to add it or them to my library. 🙂

    I wish you much luck and love as you immerse yourself in this new journey/adventure. And, I’ll be anxiously awaiting any updates about it, your kids, your life in general, and any new projects you want to share with us.

    Thanks for sharing all that you have with us lucky loomers that call you friend.

  7. gettinitpegged says:

    Thank you so much, Jenny! You’re always there to lend a smile and a friendly word of encouragement…you’re the kind of friend that comes only so often and is such a treasure once found. ❤ Hugs and loves right back atcha!

  8. gettinitpegged says:

    Scarlett, that is just the sweetest thing ever! Thanks so much for your wonderful encouragement. You’ve helped to make me feel more secure that this decision is the right one to take. 🙂 …and of course I’ll be keeping you informed of what’s going on with me and mine…probably too much, lol! 😀 It’s friends and fellow loomies like you that really make this journey worthwhile! Hugs!


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