Tuesday’s Terrific Tip!

Hey!  Looky what I found and thought I’d pass right along to you all…

Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches by Scotch

Cool as punch!

Cool as punch!

Why am I advertising for this sticky big named  brand?? 

Well… remember that cute little ditty of a pocket sized quick guide on the Kitchener Stitch that I whipped up for you a bit back?  These pouches are the perfect size for laminating them without having to have a special machine!  Now your little pocket guides will be safe from all that rummaging around that tends to go on inside those knitting bags, lol.  😉  I picked mine up at Walmart in the office supply section… I’m sure they’d also be available anywhere that sells office equipment, etc.  

There ya’ go…hot tip of the day!  Hope you’re all enjoying your week.


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1 Response to Tuesday’s Terrific Tip!

  1. guppylovesshark says:

    Oh, those are neat 🙂 Thanks for the hot tip, lol. Hugs!

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