…a little of this and that

Hey, all!  I hope you’ve been having a great week!  🙂

Things have been busy, busy, busy around here.

We’ve been working on packing and organizing and cleaning and separating what’s to keep/toss/sell…all to get ready for the big upcoming move.  Now it looks like it’ll be more in the middle of August, which will be right in time to move and then get ready for the start of the school year.  I know…we’re pushing it pretty close, but we’ve had no other choice. 😛  The process of purchasing the house is going reeeaaalllly slow.  *sigh*

Organizing Mags...tons of themHere’s a project I’ve been working on: sorting through my huge collections of magazines!  I have tons of these things and have been so reluctant to get rid of any of them (I’m a terrible pack-rat), but my growing piles have proven that this is just ridiculous, lol!  I-must-de-stash!  So here’s a start: the Organizing Mags in Bindercrate holds all magazines to be recycled and in the box are the ones I’m pretty sure I need to keep.  The articles out of the magazines that I’m not keeping that I feel will come in handy (someday, lol!) I’m organizing into pocket pages in these big 3 ring binders.  🙂  I think I’m doing pretty good so far… look at all the ones I’m getting rid of!  (pat, pat, pat on the back)

Another thing we’ve been doing is playing beauty parlor.  Last weekend I gave both my dd’s perms!  This was my youngest’s first ever…she kept saying her elder sister and I were beauty vultures, with all the ideas we kept throwing at her, lol!  In the end, we decided on just a trim on the long single length ends, and a spiral perm…simple but stylish, don’t you think?Megan's First Perm~

My elder girlie got a loose wave perm and trim based on a pic from a hairstyle magazine.  It turned out really close to the pic and looks super cute on her…but sadly I forgot to take pics of her in process.  I think because she was second in line, I was too tired-out to remember, lol.  I’ll try to post her “after shot” later…

Babysitting BlakeThen we got to babysit my great-nephew Blake!  

Isn’t he a cutie pie??? 

He’s a very busy little guy too…into everything & anything that catches his eye. 🙂

He’s grown so much over the last few months and is actually almost walking now!

The newest news is that another of my nieces is now expecting, so I’ll have another great-niece or nephew soon!  I guess I’d better get cracking on another pair of booties, lol.  😉

Happy Weekend!


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  1. cre8tivkj says:

    Oh her hair turned out so cute! I just love the “in process pics” they are so funny 🙂

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