Twitterer or Timewaster?

What is it about Twitter and Facebook that pulls me in? 

wasting time...I find myself spending valuable time reading each and every post, playing wacky games, and finding more friends to add to my collection…

…when I should be doing so many other things like: completing way over due loom knitting projects that have been just hanging out on my looms, forlorn and lonely; writing up patterns for those same projects; completing any number of tasks that need to be accomplished to get the purchase of a house in order; PACKING for that said move to a new house; organizing all my stuff for a garage/online moving sale so there’s less stuff to pack for that move, lol!

You name it, I need to do it!  But here I sit, finding out all the juicy details of what everyone’s doing at any given moment.  Why is this?!

I’ve thought about this addictive draw to these online social networks and have come to this conclusion…we need connections.  Many of us have this huge online life that is completely separate from our daily lives and reading about our friends doing everyday tasks, or what they’re thinking about right now brings a more personal nature to that online life.  It makes us feel like we’re right next door and can drop in for a cup of joe and great conversation at any moment,  or hollar over the hedge to see what they’ve been up to, or share a funny moment, or much needed encouragement. 

In short, it makes the huge idea of the world wide web seem not so big and overwhelming…it connects people and helps them to belong.  There are others out there that share a bond that brings them closer together…whenever a moment is spent sharing tidbits on Twitter, or posting a funny whatnot on Facebook.  So I guess in that sense, I’m not really wasting time.  I’m building relationships that don’t have to be remade after a move, because they will travel with me where ever we decide to roam.  That’s pretty valuable in my book!  🙂 

So happy Tweeting and see ya’ at my Wall!  (at least when I can steal some moments away from my real-life to get back to you all, lol.)


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1 Response to Twitterer or Timewaster?

  1. Karen says:

    I’ve thought about this too…I’ve read that Twitter and Facebook are the equivalent to a watercooler @ work. This is especially true for people that work from home. I know I need to have adult connections since I only converse with little ones for 12-13, sometimes 18 hours a day! Also, I only see my family and real life friends when there is a get-to-gether and that is many months apart! I definately consider the connections I’ve made online as true friendships and look forward to sharing a little chat with one or more each day. Twitter and Facebook have been my sanity savers 🙂

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