Favorite Things Friday:

Here are a few of my newest favorite things:

My Cool Acer Aspire!

My Cool Acer Aspire! Isn't it such a fun size?

My Blue Bayou Skin on my 'lil Lappy!

My Blue Bayou Skin on my 'lil Lappy~ Had to personalize, lol!

My Choco-Strawberry Looming Bag!

My Choco-Strawberry Looming Bag! Just perfect for those small projects on the go... got it at Michaels Crafts 😉

We just got back from our fabulous Spring Break vacation in Bend, OR  and loved everybit of it!  I’ll be sharing fun pics from our trip soon… have to get the pics edited, etc. 😉

Hope you have a fantabulous Friday!


About gettinitpegged

Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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1 Response to Favorite Things Friday:

  1. MonikaROse says:

    G’day, love your small laptop, is it not the most fabulous tech you can have, I love mine, using it right now, desktop pc busted, few capcitors gone on the motherboard and I have no access to my data, thus this little one is excellent to use and fab for backup pc….have a great time with yours..have a great weekend, cya MonikaRose

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