Oh, how could I forget?!

The most exciting thing to look forward to in May is this sweet little something…

Click here to purchase your very own signed copy!As some of you may have heard through the loomy vine…

Yes!  I did have the very great honor of participating in this wonderful new venture!!!  Three of the projects inside this book are mine!  Woo-hoo!  😀


Can you tell I’m a tad excited?


  If you click on the picture, it will take you to LoomKnit.com, where every copy purchased will come signed by Isela, herself!  😀

Here’s a couple of sneek peeks…

There will be 2 little items for your furry friends…

…and one for your little ‘tween!  

And a whole lot more of loomy goodness that I’m dying to check out…how about you?


Hurry on over to reserve your copy today!



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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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3 Responses to Oh, how could I forget?!

  1. Robin McCoy says:

    Those sneak peaks are totally NOT FAIR, Bethany! 😛
    As for your comment on my blog about the Strawberry Shortcake dolls, I was never really into the dolls myself. Even though I looked like a little Strawberry Shortcake myself. 😀 My cousin, Stephie (that is why Chris and I never call Steph ‘Stephie’. In fact, to differentiate even further I usually call my cousin Stephie Jo. :D) had tons of Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I was more into Hot Wheels and Transformers anyway. I only really had one doll that I cared for and that was my CPK. That is why I have an attachment to Cabbage Patch Kids. To me, she wasn’t a doll, but a best friend or little sister. 😀

  2. Karen says:

    Since I pre-ordered mine from Crafter’s Choice and Crafter’s Choice claims they will ship on May 1st, I should be getting mine…well maybe on MONDAY!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeee!

  3. loomydaze says:

    Can hardly wait until I get mine and see what you have in there. The suspense is killing me. Congrats Bethany!

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