The last day of April…

Yippee!  It’s over!!!! 

I know…April is a very nice month in it’s own right, and I normally think so, too.  After all, this is when my first daughter came into the world 16 years ago.  But this year’s April was a killer!  WAAAAY too much stress and struggle!  Whew that it’s the last day.  😛 

We are all done in the other house.  We spent all day Sunday and Monday doing the last packing & loading & scrubbing.  Let me tell you, I think I almost asfixiated myself with cleaning fumes!  I was using bleach and Windex in the bathroom, and then in the kitchen, and added oven cleaner on top of it.  I didn’t even know I wasn’t feeling well until we broke for a late lunch and I felt dizzy, and my “lung pipes” were a bit raw.  I kept laughing hysterically at everything everyone said, even if it was “please pass the napkins”, lol!  My advice to anyone doing major cleaning…follow the instructions on the warning labels of the cleaning cans…they mean what they say!  😉 

Things I’m looking forward to in May…

  • getting settled in our new home
  • going to my nephew’s wedding shower  (he’s the first of 10 nephews/nieces to be married)
  • my hubby’s birthday
  • Mother’s Day is always a shining light on the horizon!
  • planting flowers in our new backyard
  • Narnia movie #2 comes out!  (I think there are other’s I’d like to see opening this month, too, but I can’t remember…all the stress has knocked them clean outta my noggin’)
  • getting a new loom along going in the Loom Knitter’s Chat Clique!  Most likely the Arm Chair Caddy!

By the way…the Peggin’ Pages Moving Sale is still going on all day today!  Hurry…sale ends tomorrow…as tomorrow brings a new day, month, and new happiness right along with it! 


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