Flash Back Friday!

I’ve recently gotten to know a little bit more about a wonderful loomy friend of mine…Robin McCoy!  She’s such a kick in the pants, and so willing and ready to help those in need; whether it’s for charity, or for all those questions that many people have on looming techniques.  She’s so ready to drop everything and lend a hand.  I’ve grown rather fond of our Robin.  😀 

So…in honor of this special day, I give you happy wishes, and a shared flash back:

Yes, it is Robin’s birthday today!  She reminds me so much of myself, as I have always been crazy about all holidays in general, and especially birthdays… sometimes I drive my family nutty with my giddy excitment, lol.  Robin has been talking about her birthday for the past month on the Loom Knitter’s Chat Clique, so I wanted to do something a little quirky for her.

In one of our chatty emails to each other, we discovered that we share a bit of the same past…we were both on the High School Band Flag Team…or Color Guard, as she likes to call it.  🙂  I absolutely loved being on the team, and not only for the cool routines we got to make up, but for the fact that I got out of wearing, what I thought at the time, to be really dorky uniforms that the band had to wear!  I would be playing the flute, wearing those terrible polyester pants, and feathered hat, if I wasn’t twirling a flag.  Hehehe, yes…as a high schooler, all is vanity!  And another similarity, is that Robin also played the flute!…and sax, which I always wanted to, but could never afford. <insert pouty face>  So, I played the piano instead, which we already had in the house, lol.

Flash Back #1

Okay…see the band behind us?

See what I mean about those uniforms?  😉

And check out those cute little lacy anklets I’m sporting, lol!


Flash Back #2

Okay, as the hat says…this is the 80’s…so of course I’m sporting those huge sunglasses that take up my entire face, and make me look like some kind of weird bug!  I look like I’m straight out of the movie “Better Off Dead”!

This was one of the highlights of being in the high school band…we got to travel to British Columbia, Canada and perform at the World Expo of…you got it!  1986!

Oh the days…sigh.   Robin, I hope you have a totally awesome tubular birthday, and that all things rad come your way throughout the year!


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5 Responses to Flash Back Friday!

  1. Robin McCoy says:

    OH! This was just the BEST, Bethany! Truly! The last thing I was expecting was to see pics of you in your flag team uniform! LOL! I will have to hunt up my old band pics and post some of MY uniform, b/c we have come a long way since then, and I am sure there is still a long way to go. LOL! And my little sister was born in ’86! Sigh, for the 80’s……
    Oh, this was too good. I am still grinning from ear to ear….:D I hope that you don’t get into trouble at work! Tell them to write me up and not you! I will take the blow.
    This was really great! REALLY! Adds to the best birthday ever!
    (P.s. Do you think I have put enough exlcamation points in this message?! I don’t think so, so here is a few more!!!!!!!!!!) 😀
    I think I will be grinning and giggling about this all day long! Maybe for the next week, too. ;D

  2. loomydaze says:


    Thanks for the Flashback! It sure does bring back fond memories of the 80’s. I graduated in ’84 myself. I remember those sunglasses and think I had a pair also! Thanks for the memories!


  3. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    I loved the flashback post. I remember the 80’s well. My three sons were born in the early part. They eventually ended up in band too. It is a great place in High School. One played French Horn and the other two played Trumpet. I remember the uniforms too well also. The band director wanted new ones. Everyone was supposed to hem their own. Well, several days before competition we notice many have brown stains(they chose WHITE!!) Needless to say I took home 300 pair of white pants to sew in less than a week. It was murder. I will never forget trying to size and pin each pair while the whole band was inside playing because it rained and lightened.
    This was a great reminder of “those days”.

  4. Jenny says:

    Too fun 🙂 I love Better Off Dead. I think I miss the 80s too. I think it’s time to dig out my Pretty in Pink DVD…

  5. Karen says:

    80’s Highschool Grad here too! Never did the band thing since my parents couldn’t afford the instruments, I was in Chior instead. I of course did the School Newspaper and Yearbook to exercise my layout skills (LOL). I so remember the sunglasses! How about the collars that we put up (the preppy look)? How about the puffy hair and the wings we made with hairspray at the sides? Do you remember teasing your bangs until they were a mile high? LOL!

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