Christmas Greeting Ideas~

These are some of the greetings I gave my extended family last Christmas…I thought you might like the idea for this Christmas! 😀

Cute, Cute!

These are recycled loose leaf tea cans, but Pringles cans would work just as well…They now hold jelly bellies and a magazine gift subscription certificate!  I spent some time collecting all my Christmas supplies…paper, embellishments, stamps, punches, etc…as well as adding a little bit of new ones…and came up with these designs.  There’s lots of sparkles and bits and bobs of little glitzy things sprinkled all over for good measure.

even the tops look pretty!

The next in line are my Christmas Card Pockets…these are so easy and quick…I used premade card and envelope packets…but you could easily use cut down cardstock…and just by refolding them and making a little band that slides across their middles, makes it so easy to slide a little snack size baggie of goodies inside!

fun & easy! 

more sweet looks~

Again…just use all your pieces of Christmas glitz & goodies, and create a ton of these in no time!  These were in lieu of my hand out Christmas cards…that way they got a little assortment of goodies along with the greeting.  🙂  Each of the little tags on the fronts open up to reveal a little to and from, etc.

Happy Goody Can/Card Making!


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