An Oasis in the Swamp~

Our local Michaels was flooded six inches throughout during this past week.  Needless to say, there was plenty destroyed and lots of mud and guck left to deal with.  Everything that touched the water had to be thrown out due to possible contamination…who knows what’s been floating around in all that swamp water?  My heart sank as I went to check out the classroom…a room where I have devoted three years of my life.  Lots of things will have to be thrown away…an entire organizer full of beads…a basket of yarn and supplies…some art work…everything that was anywhere near the 6-8 inches of the flood water.  The walls that I painted myself will have to be torn out and new ones put in. 

Now to the bright part of my day…while the flood was covering everything, and all we could do was imagine what was happening…I remembered the box of donated squares for Warm Up America that we had been collecting.  We had quite a few…enough to put at least one blanket together, and I had spoken to the person bringing most of them in.  She was the representative from a senior center way out in the country.  Every year her little group got together to do something special for the community, and this year they picked our WUA program to give their time and energy to.  We were planning a joining party in January.  Well, the donation box was kept on the floor, wrapped in pretty paper, waiting for donations from giving people.  I was sick at heart about this the most, knowing that they couldn’t be saved.

When I was about to leave the store the other day, one of our people came up to me with the box.  She asked me if I could check to see if any were ok.  I thought…there’s no way!  The box is melting on the outside!  Then I remembered…

When I was decorating the box, I didn’t like the idea of those special donated squares being just dropped inside a dirty old cardboard box, so I lined it with a large plastic garbage bag…the wrapping paper was covered over the top of this.  My heart sang as I realized that my impulse wasn’t just coincidence…it was to save the efforts of these wonderful souls who gave of their time to help keep the community warm.  Every one of the squares were completely dry and untouched by the contamination.

Saved from the flood!

Thank goodness for blessings from above.  It’s times like these that show you that it’s the little things in life that help you keep going.


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1 Response to An Oasis in the Swamp~

  1. Pat E. says:

    I am so glad to find out that you and your family survived the flooding. I was worried about you. Hope to visit the store soon.

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