Tuesday @ The Fair!

Pirate & Parrots

*The pictures say it all!*

Glider Ride  We went to the SW Washington Fair today.  The skies were shiny, the rides were spinny, and the corn dogs spendy…everything you’d ever want in a county fair.  We all had a good time.  My 15 yr old daughter & I vote for the pirate and his parrots as the best entertainment, but my 11 yr old and her friend would definitely agree that the rides were the highlight of their day.  When we had to go, they still wanted more!“Stilts Man”

I have to say…I lugged my loom and yarn around the fairgrounds all day in hopes to get some knitting done.  I did get a little done…7 rows!  🙂   Well, you can’t say I didn’t try!  I’m sure I’ll get more done as the week progresses.

I hope you’re enjoying satisfying, sunny summer days before they all blow away…School time’s just around the corner!  Yikes!


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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