Reminiscing with a Fever…

Why is it that when we have the most to do…that’s when something goes wrong…like getting sick! 

Yesterday, we had a sudden weather change from very hot and sunny, to rainy and windy, and then back again.  This tends to wreak havok with my immune system and tells it to “Bail!!!” 

So, here I am writing this little note with a burning throat and piercing headache.  I have gotten a little more done on my looming that I lugged around at the fair, though, and have also been working on another goody for you…a new pattern!  Well, I’m re-working an earlier pattern of mine. 

It’s amazing how when we first begin something new, we think that what we’ve produced is of such impeccable quality, until we revisit the same, sometime down the road and discover how mediocre it really was!  (I’m speaking of my pattern writing abilities)  Well, none of my students seemed to notice, or they were just too sweet and respecting of my feelings to mention it.  Thank you to all of my previous students for overlooking my original inadequacies 🙂 …what would I do without you!

Well, I think it’s early bedtime for me tonight…I hope all is well with you and yours & that you are experiencing the best of health!  Good Night…


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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