Weekend full of Sand & Swirls

Our WeekendThis weekend my family and I took a little trip to the Washington Coast.  On the 2 hour drive I got a little looming done…I was teaching the Felted Bottle Hug at a recent class and got part way through with one, and so I determined to finish it on the drive there.  We stopped in Aberdeen at a fabulous old lumber baron’s estate, that has since been turned into a musem.  We all love knocking around in old houses and museums.  It’s amazing the insights  you get about the past and the people of those times, just by visiting the objects they used, and looking at places they lived.  It gives you a connection to your roots. 

The weather at the beach was fair.  It wasn’t very windy, which in Washington is a huge plus for a beach trip!  But the sun kept going behind clouds and making us want to hunker down in our sweatshirts and munch our salt water taffy purchased in Westport.  All in all, it was a great family day!

On Sunday, I decided that since I was doing Swirly Hug 2mountains of laundry Swirly Bottle Huganyway (yuck!), I should go ahead and felt my Bottle Hug.  This time around I used Patons SWS, with some contrasting Lion Brand Felting Wool at the bottom.  When it was felted, the varigated color of the SWS yarn lost it’s pretty luster that it had originally, (it was really pretty boring!) so I decided to use the contrasting yarn and a strong tapestry needle to chain stitch some swirlies into the hug.  A row of alternating lengths of blanket stitches completed the design and Wah-Lah!  Just what it needed!  Lesson learned: Never be afraid of changing something up & making it yours! 🙂


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2 Responses to Weekend full of Sand & Swirls

  1. Martha says:

    What a great idea to jazz up your project! Keep up the great blog!

  2. Cassondra Busch says:

    I am new to loom knitting and loved the idea of the bottle cover. I have recently had a baby and would love to make some bottle covers. I am having a hard time getting my Adobe reader to work and was wondering if you could email the pattern to me?

    Thank you,


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