Spooky Spider Mitts!

After publishing the tutorial on how to make the Dangling Spider Stitch, I knew I just had to create a fingerless mitts pattern that featured one sproingy, skulking spider on the hands of each mitt. Well, I am pleased to announce that I succeeded! 😀

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These babies are so warm and cozy and the fit is really nice.  It can be adjusted lengthwise for differing sized hands, too. I probably could have used just a few additional rows between the hand and wrist joins, which is noted in the pattern so that you can adjust if you so choose. 😉 I have a little bit larger hands…not giant, lol…just not as small as other hands I’ve compared mine to.

Anyway…these are pretty easy to make and all the instructions are spelled out as clearly as I could make them…especially with the tutorial videos from the last post ready to view as needed. You should actually be able to whip up a pair before handing out candy to all those hungry goblins on Halloween night! 😀

Because I know this is a tad late to be releasing a Halloween themed design, I am happy to let you snatch this project at half off from now until the clock strikes midnight on Halloween!  If you don’t have time to whip up a pair this year, at least you’ll have the pattern ready to go for the spooky season 2018! 😉  To receive the discount, simply place the pattern in your Ravelry cart and it will show up auto-magically.


Happy Haunting!


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