A New Review for a New Year~

Hello there! 😀 I know it’s been a while, but I’d really like to share with you a product that I recently got to test out…a magnifying lamp from a company called Brightech. They’re a family based business out of California that is really turning heads for their style and innovation in lighting.  Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

An L.A.-based family company, Brightech focuses on innovative yet affordable lighting. From edgy, science-fiction-inspired floor lamps to retro-chic stylings to more traditional aesthetics, Brightech has something to illuminate your home and workspace. Seeking soft, warm, cool, or vivid tones? They’re here.

Brightech emphasizes the energy-saving power of LED. Via embedded LED lights in lamp fixtures or in our own LED bulb that replaces and surpasses incandescent bulbs in brightness and efficiency, we champion LED technology and encourage our customers to embrace the future.

Indoors or outdoors, Brightech lights the way… Our catalog includes several strands of mood-setting string lights that will transform your backyard into a bistro! And we’re proud to feature an array of adjustable magnifier lamps – diopter-lens lamps that make small print readable again for anyone with aging eyes or macular degeneration.

Brightech: Infusing the color of light into every room of your life.


Brightech Rolling LampDid you catch that bit about the “array of adjustable magnifier lamps”?  I don’t know about you, but as the days turn into years, lol, I’ve been having more and more difficulty with those tiny little details that, as a crafter, are so important to see clearly.  I’d been contemplating investing in some kind of help with that when Brightech contacted me about their own line of magnifier lamps. Well, how serendipitous! I jumped at the opportunity and soon, the LightView Rolling Base LED Magnifier Lamp was headed its way to my door! 😀

First impressions:  This lamp was packed really well!  Lots of form-molded Styrofoam to keep it protected on its journey.  But, boy was this box heavy!  If you order this one, make sure to have help lifting it, because it is a handful. Whew!  Assembly was really quick and easy and the parts look sturdy…not out of plastic that can wear down fairly quickly.

The main part that made the box heavy was the rolling base.  I was worried that with the adjustments that this lamp is supposed to have, the base might have the tendency to tip when fully extended. Since receiving it, I have definitely put it through its paces and haven’t had it tip even a little bit.  I do have to say that the rolling base is a bit hard to maneuver over carpeting. If you have wooden, or some other smooth flooring, it would be a breeze to move from place to place, but I tend to just pick it up carefully to move across the carpet. It’s just easier. 😉

The reason I chose this particular lamp was it’s capability of controlling the temperature of the light itself. I have Ott Lights that I use regularly and do love them, but tend to need to use them in a room that is away from my husband, lol. He is not a fan of the bright white light. I wanted to have a lamp that I could really make use of and not have him bothered by me using it in the same room. I am so happy to tell you that this feature works fantastically!  He isn’t bothered at all!  You can adjust the level of brightness of both of the amber and the white lights and get it just the way you need it. I tend to keep it on the lowest level and, along with the magnifier, have absolutely no trouble seeing what I’m working on, even in a darkened room, with the darkest of yarns. It’s a tad tough to see in the photos below, but in real life, the difference between the color temperatures is dramatic!

The magnifying ability is just right. I can see all those teensy details that were steadily losing their clarity to a never-better degree! I can’t tell you how happy I am about this! I find myself wanting to use this lamp for everything, lol. The first time I sat down to knit under it, I told Evan that I didn’t think I could do without that thing from then on, haha! It has been so gratifying to be able to finally see without strain…Whew!

I have used this lamp successfully in these circumstances:

  1. Knitting (of course this is number one on the list, lol).
  2. Hand sewing.
  3. Machine sewing.
  4. As a desk lamp.
  5. Product photography.
  6. *As a makeup lamp.

My hubby was actually the first to get to try it out, because at the time, I hadn’t been able to sit down to do any crafting yet.  So, he pulled it up to his desk and used it for typing and drawing. This is saying a lot folks, because remember how sensitive he is to lights that he finds at all irritating? He just won’t use them. But, this I had to actually move away from his desk myself before it became a permanent fixture, haha! 😉

I have managed to use this light comfortably in the following places:

  1. Low chair.
  2. Office chair.
  3. Recliner.
  4. High bed.

The thing really does adjust nicely to pretty much every situation without much trouble. The only thing I would caution you about is that it is fairly bulky…at the base, as well as the fact that the light is always a bit bent at an angle, so it can’t be stored straight up and down. So, if you are needing to save space, or have tight quarters, another smaller version like this one might be the one for you. 🙂

* Make up application: I really wanted to see if I could use this for putting my make up on in the morning. I came to the conclusion that although the lamp used for the light itself was fantastic for accurate application, the magnifying features just weren’t quite right to use for this purpose.

So, I am really pleased to tell you that I’m pretty in love with this lamp!  I am going to seriously be thinking of future gifts for my family…they can obviously get a lot of use out of these!

If you *do* decide to purchase one of these amazing lights from Brightech, I do have an affiliate link here:  spread the lighted love by using this link! 😉

Thanks for listening to a fellow crafter’s experience with a new-to-her product. I hope that you have a bright future in the New Year! (pun absolutely intended, haha!)


PS: I did, as you probably have already deciphered for yourselves, lol, receive a lamp in return for my honest opinion from using said lamp. All the statements above (except the quoted bits) are all my own and not coerced, contrived, or paid for in any way (except by said lamp). I’m sure that if I couldn’t stand the lamp, I could have said so and been done with it, but instead, I really truly have fallen in love with it! ❤

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2 Responses to A New Review for a New Year~

  1. Lynn Markman says:

    Great Review, Bethany!Just what I’ve been looking for!I’ve put one in my Amazon cart!Thank you! 🤗🤗🤗Lynn

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  2. Awesome, Lynn! I’m glad to have helped! 😀

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