New Zippy Master Set + Free Pattern! :)

Hello all! 🙂  I’m baaa-aaaaack! I am venturing back into my happy blog home to share with you the fun of this new loom set…the Zippy Master Set.  It’s the same Zippy that you and I both love, but now it has new buddies to help it  assemble into all the ways you look for in a loom!  Watch this “Video Un-Boxing”  and demonstration that I’ve put together for you below:

As promised in the video above, I have included a brand new pattern below for you to be able to try out one of the new attachments in a unique way. 🙂  Here’s the video tutorial demonstrating how to do that, along with the actual written pattern below…

No-Twist Drop Stitch Chunky Scarf

By Bethany A Dailey with, ©August 2016

This lovely open stitch scarf is perfect for those days that are just cool enough to want a little extra warmth or just some added coziness in the form of delicious wool draped around your neck…mmmm, so soft! The way these drop stitches are formed creates sumptuous strands of  beautiful color that drip down without any twists to interrupt the flow.  Worn as a pop of color, or as a cool weather accessory, you can’t go wrong with this fun and elegant style.

Knitting Loom: Zippy Loom: 16 pegs and 2 double knitting attachments used (all of which can be found in the Zippy Master Set).

 Yarn: Sample used approx 90 yards of super bulky yarn (Malabrigo Rasta, 1 skein in Iris, 90 yds/82 m, 100% merino wool).  Depending on the yarn chosen and length of scarf desired, more or less yarn may be needed.

 Notions: knitting tool, scissors, yarn needle, row counter.

 Gauge: not absolutely necessary for this project

Skills Needed: Knit/U-stitch, Purl, Half Hitch CO, Chain CO, and Basic BO.

No-Twist Drop Stitch, 2 wrap angle, smAbbreviations:
CO: cast onRep: repeat
K: knit stitch/U-stitch
P: purl stitch
EW: ewrap
KO: knit off
HHCO: half hitch cast on
S1: slip one/skip one
BO: bind off
rep: repeat

Pattern Notes:

This pattern uses 1 strand of yarn held throughout.

For the sample, all knit stitches were made using the U-stitch, except where otherwise noted.

Half Hitch CO tutorial (but technique is also included in project tutorial above).


Set Zippy loom to the double knit configuration using 8 peg pairs.

CO from left to right onto the front 8 pegs only (the back pegs will be left alone for now). Peg 1 will be at the right end.

No-Twist Drop Stitch, cu, smRows 1-6:  Rep the following 2 row pattern:

Row A: s1, k7.

Row B: s1, p6, k1.

Row 7:

  • Peg 1: s1,
  • Peg 2: *BBO peg 2 (k pegs 2 & 3, move loop from peg 3 to peg 2, KO, move loop back to peg 3),
  • Peg 3: k1, but do not KO old loop. Pull new loop over top of peg 3 and over to the other side of the loom to back peg 3 to hold.  Pull out any extra slack,
  • rep steps for Pegs 2 & 3 to last peg,
  • Peg 8: k1, EW 2 times, also on peg 8.

Row 8:

  • Peg 8: s1,
  • Peg 7: KO loop on front peg and tuck into middle of the loom.  Bring held loop on back peg 7 to front peg 7.  Purl this loop,
  • Peg 6: HHCO,
  • No-Twist Drop Stitch, 2 wrap 1, smrep steps for Pegs 7 & 6 to last peg,
  • Peg 1: k1, EW 2 times, also on peg 1.

Rep Rows 1-8 to length of scarf desired, minus 6 rows.

Finishing Rows:  Rep Rows 1-6. 

BBO loosely.  Secure and weave in all ends.

Block lightly if desired.

Enjoy!  🙂

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4 Responses to New Zippy Master Set + Free Pattern! :)

  1. Tina says:

    Hi Bethany, just wondering since I have several sets of the Zippy Looms. Is there any way to buy just the attachment pieces w/o having to buy the whole set?

  2. Hi Tina! 🙂

    I heard a rumor that the attachments might be available separately in the next coming months. 😉

  3. Ohhh, such a pretty, posh, purple project, Sunshine ❤ Fantastic!

  4. Awww…Thanks so much, Miss Jenny! 😀 I love me some Malabrigo! ♡

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