This might be what you have been saying of late about me here at Gettin’ it Pegged!.  Where the heck  is Bethany??  Well, I wanted to pop in and let you know that even though you haven’t heard directly from me here, I have indeed been busy in the loom knitting world. 🙂 I did make a somewhat vague announcement about my new connection to KB Looms back in September of last year.  Well, I thought it was high time that I officially let you know what I’ve been doing with myself, and more importantly…with my looms, haha! 😉

kbc-blog-buttonI’ve been working as part of a team to bring lots of new and innovative loomy goodness to your computer screens.  You can find me at KnittingBoardChat, the newsy corner of Authentic Knitting Board.  More specifically, look up the Stitchology Column and you’ll find me each and every first Monday of the month, providing a brand new stitch pattern, along with a pattern for an 8″ x 8″ square that will be perfect for incorporating into an afghan.

Here’s a glimpse into the Stitchology fun we’ve been having over there:


Monthly Stitchology Column

Herringbone-Square-angleSeptember: Herringbone Stitch and Working with Charts
Puff Stitch Square-angle (1024x576)October : Puff Stitch
CLS-front-angleNovember: Chain Lace Stitch as a Flat Panel
candy-cane-stitch-1December: Candy Cane Stitch

Snowy/Starry SkiesJanuary: Snowy/Starry Skies Stitch
Eyelet You Have My HeartFebruary: Eyelet You Have My Heart Stitch
Clover ColumnsMarch: Clover Columns Stitch

Pretty Peds Pretty PouchI also had the opportunity to refresh the Pretty Peds pattern for the KB Looms, as well as offer a brand new project, the Pretty Pouch (I’m sensing a theme here, lol)… perfect for springtime yarnie play, and maybe even a bit of Easter fun.

You wanna know what else is going on over there?  Well, my excellent and most bestest friend, Jenny Stark, has also been a part of this team, bringing you little sweet-somethings to add to your looming endeavors in the every-2nd-Monday-of-the-month-column:  Whimsical Loom Knits!  From hearts to critters to monsters and poufs, she’s got the goods to keep your looms whirring with quick and satisfying little projects. 🙂

And that’s not all! Of course we all know that Isela Phelps has been providing some of the most lovely patterns available for looms for years now…these usually release on Fridays at KB. But, now we also have Renita Harvey providing us with some well written and thoroughly informative posts about loom knitting know-how in the 3rd Monday of the month column: Loom FAQs.  Whether you’re a newbie who needs all the help you can get, or a more seasoned loomer looking for a nice refresher course on a wide variety of subjects, you definitely should check it out!

Last, but definitely not least, we have been learning all about different kinds of yarns from both specialty markets and those more readily available at your local craft store chains. We all could use a reason or two to explore some new yummy yarns, or to supplement our stashes, right? Lol. Well, Denise Layman has all the info you’ll need to help you dive into your next loomy project with just the right yarn for the job.  Pop on over and check out her 4th Monday of the month column: Yarn Yammer!

Stitchology SquaresSo, even though I really have left a lot out of what I’ve been doing personally, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to loomy-wise. I’m really excited about all the great stuff that has been coming out of this new collaboration over there at KB Chat, and I hope that you’ll stop on by regularly and give a big “Hello” to all of us who have been working hard behind the scenes to bring some new inspiration your way.  Hope to see ya’ all over there! 😀

(Oh, and I’m not all done here at Gettin’ it Pegged! quite yet, either, lol. I’ll be stopping by when the moment strikes to say a “howdy-do,” so that you don’t have to wonder…”Hello?” and “Just where has she gotten to?” Lol. 😉 )


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  1. Jeannette Holley says:

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  2. Linda Jones says:

    Wowsers!! The best news ever! Congratulations on everything, Bethany! So excited to see all th future goodies from you all. I’ve learned just about all I know of looming from you, Isela and Denise. The future in looming is booming. Thank you and Isela and Denise for all your work to bring us all this looming goodness ❤

  3. Hi Jeannette 🙂

    You can subscribe by enrolling in the box at the right hand side bar of the blog. 😉


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