Tiny Dots for Tiny Tots!

*photo by Kelly Jones

*photo by Kelly Jones

There’s a brand new loom knitting publication freshly released by our very own Kelly Jones! 😀  I was lucky enough to have gotten a little bit of a pre-peek into it’s pages and I have to say, oh what fun!

The idea is simple.  Grab a loom.  Make a dot.  Add the extras to see it transform before your very eyes into a yarnie creature full of spunky personality! 🙂

Kelly has included designs for 20 of these sweet little handfuls of fun…from bumble bees and turtles, to lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  The designs are such that you can stick to her original creations exactly, or feel free to easily embellish your critters any way you wish, making the possibilities for new fibery friends pretty much endless.

Here are a few of her darling little creations (*photos by Kelly Jones):

Aren’t they so cute?!  Do you see all the possibilities for different looks already?  Oh, what fibery fun! 😀  (…I think the mouse might be my favorite here. He is heart-swooning adorable!)

Here’s the Owl from Tiny Dots for Tiny Tots:

*photo by Kelly Jones

*photo by Kelly Jones

How fun is he?

I just love his little expression… so inquisitive, yet somehow all-knowing.

He looks into my soul. 😉

This was the little character that I decided to play with while discovering Kelly’s book.

I also decided to use a bit more color.

And thicker yarn.

Once I got going, I decided to add a little  embellishment to his eyes.

Oh what the hey!  Why not add a little funky tuft at the top of his head?

Here he is. 🙂

He’s kind of a wild ace… and a little bit crazy.

His friends like to egg him on in deep discussions, just to have the pleasure of seeing his huge eyes squint and his wings flap while he thinks real hard.

When he brings his little cousin, then the fun truly begins…

They get to discussing all sorts of things, from politics to how their latest culinary endeavors turned out.

They’re a fun pair to be around. 🙂

While the bigger cousin squints his eyes and flaps his ears during deep thoughts,

the smaller cousin hops up and down and and a tiny hint of whistle can be heard through his excited beak.

Aren’t they quite a pair? 🙂

I just love them!

I love how they came to be from a wonderful pattern that was easy to understand and that let me have a little bit of fun with it.

One thing about the book, Tiny Dots for Tiny Tots is that it is an excellent resource for learning how to use the KISS Looms.  All the little characters in the book were actually designed on a KISS small gauge adjustable loom.  There are terrific tutorials and information about these looms included in the beginning of the book, so that you can use it as an excellent manual to learn how to use an innovative type of loom.  Read all about them here! 🙂

lil guyEven though the patterns were created on the KISS, you can also create them on looms of a similar gauge.  As an example of this, I created the Big Cousin Owl by using the KISS small gauge, in exactly the way the pattern was written (except for the small changes mentioned above, lol).  The ‘lil Cousin Owl was created using an extra small gauge loom of a different brand.  I used the same instructions, but because of the smaller gauge, he came out a smaller owl.

See how there’s even more room for discovery here?  Critters of all different sizes are possible too! 😀

Talk to the back...

Pop on over and order your copy today!  There’s even a special deal if you purchase the book and throw in the KISS loom used for all these critters…how cool is that?!

Now onto that mouse…I need to meet him in person…maybe my kitties do too, haha! 😉


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4 Responses to Tiny Dots for Tiny Tots!

  1. Terry S (Jersey Girl) says:

    My copy was pre-ordered and will be on my doorstep any day now! My first critter will be the frog (preview on Kelly’s site) he is “eye-poppingly” adorable *grin*
    Bethany, this delightful review makes me even more excited to have Kelly’s book in my hands. (once again you are the source of support and encouragement for our entire looming community)

  2. Oh, Terry, that is so sweet of you to say!  I think we always need to encourage one another to success, don’t you?  :)The froggie is indeed one of my faves, too…he could be kin to a hat project I’ve had in mind for a long while now. I know you’ll simply love this new book! 

  3. Excellent review and your “cousins” are super K-ute! I have been meaning to break out my new KISS loom and now have the perfect things to start on! Thanks for the review. I just ordered my book!
    These would be delightful as little mobiles to start and then take them down to play when baby is bigger, don’t you think? 🙂 Congrats to Kelly, too!

  4. Kristen, I think that hs a terrific idea…in fact, there is actually a photo in the book with the little characters dangling from a mobile!  🙂 I can definitely see these little guys being tossed around quite a bit (they bounce fairly well, lol) …maybe even used for a game of “hot potato”?  :DSent from my Samsung smartphone on AT&T

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