Spring 2012 has Sprung!

I know that many of you have already received this terrific news, as it’s now officially two weeks old, lol.  But, I wanted to make an official “Gettin’ It Pegged!” announcement to round off this exciting recent news to hit the loom knitting world.

Ready for it??  Here goes…

The Spring 2012 issue of the Loom Knitters Circle Magazine has been released! 😀

What?!  You already knew that???

Okay…so I’ve been a little bit remiss on keeping you all current on the up and coming hot newsflashes lately.  I have to say that I do have some valid excuses… like traveling two states away and staying away for an entire seven days! (Yay!) …and then promptly getting seriously sick with some kind of flu/sore throat virus that literally put me down for the first entire week back home and then some. (I’m still dealing with the last remaining blisters…yes, blisters! on my throat and tonsils and working on getting my energy back.) I haven’t even uploaded all those trip photos onto my computer from my camera yet!  That’s definitely saying something for me, lol. 😛  I’m excited to share some of them with you, too, as not only did I get to travel with my hubby to San Francisco, but I also got to spend some time with Lynn Markman, both for a loomy-visit-day as well as a trip to a stuffed-t0-the-gills yarn store and tea shop, then a drive through the Redwood National Forest with my hubby!  That’s a lot of fun stuff to share, so stay tuned for that in the near future.

For now, I’d love to share with you all the good stuff that can be found in the newest issue of the Loom Knitters Circle.  This edition is seriously loaded up with am-A-zing stuff…a definite must have in my book!

First you have the “featured on the cover” two patterns from yours truly and modeled by my eldest beauty, Emily!  🙂

#1: Chain Lace Cowl~

The Chain Lace Cowl includes a tutorial video which demonstrates how exactly to work a brand new lace stitch for the looms!  The loom that I used to create this project I’ve been having a terrific time sporting around town is the new All-n-One Loom by the Authentic Knitting Board Co.  This is really a fantastic loom that has a lot of possibilities, due to the fact that it can be worked in both double and single knitting, as well as in the round.  Pretty sweet!  It’s been nicely handcrafted in lacquered hardwood, with tightly fitted joints and seams…it’s really a very lovely loom!

#2: Lacy Bits Mitts~

These are super fun to create, as I actually did them two at a time on my EvenKnit Sock Loom. 🙂  Go ahead and pop on over to the pattern and you’ll get all the skinny on how I created these two mitts at once.  I actually had to steal two sliders from another loom that I have so that I could arrange the parts just right to be able to do this.  The “borrowed” sliders didn’t fit into this loom’s grooves exactly, so I used small rubber bands to hold them in place.  I’m a true MacGyver at heart, lol. 😉

We had a lot of fun on our photo shoot this day.  Emily and I headed out to the downtown section of Tacoma, WA.  I had an idea that I wanted these photos to have an urban feel and thought that we would find just the thing in that area of town.  Well… we were searching the streets and came upon this one in the Antiques District that seriously was painted in all these spring colors…the street looked like an Easter egg, haha!  We pulled over at once and didn’t look back. 🙂  Emily did a terrific job posing for me in all different kinds of positions and moods, didn’t she?  Both my girls have had a ton of practice doing just that for me over the years, what with all these projects I have them model for me along with this whole digital camera age, lol!

Here’s a fun slide show of some of our best shots from the day, as well as others having to do with these two new loomy projects:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The other things I’d love to point out in this new issue:

  • Stitch Smartsa run down comparison and video detailing the different bind offs that are commonly (and not-so commonly) available to loomers today.  (by myself)
  • Side StitchAnother fun and super creative comic strip by my very own talented daughter, Megan!  🙂  Make sure to catch the latest developments of the Dailey Occurrences at the “Side Stitch” link above but remember to click on the button that says “Pg2” once you get there, so that you don’t miss the second page of funnies! 😉  (by Megan Dailey)
  • Chickie-Dee: There are some terrific patterns by lots of talented designers, including some new additions to the magazine that you must definitely check out, but this absolutely adorable little Chickie-Dee is definitely worth a shout out!  You can also see the blog post about this loomy-amigurumi’s creation here. (by Jenny Stark)
  • Features: There are some other terrific features here, including exciting product reviews (even a new review of Loom Knitting for Little People and a chance to win a free copy by April 30! Yep…that’s today, so better hurry!) (by Denise Layman); a new feature called Loom Tech, where interesting techniques are discovered and explained (by Brenda Myers); a fun, ongoing article which introduces us to loom knitters from around the globe (by Lynn Markman); and a eco-friendly way to store and organize all those knitting looms you have collected over time (by Jackie Altenderfer)!  Doesn’t that sound like a whole lot of loomy fun? 🙂

Please pop on over and check it out… but don’t forget to also visit the issue’s sponsors as well as purchase your own PDF copy of the issue, so that you’ll have it always and forever as your very own.  These are two very important ways that you can provide your support in making sure that this valuable loom knitting resource stays up and running for us all to benefit and learn from.  Thanks so much!


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  1. Both of your projects were fantastic and your article was very well written, Bethany. Emily did a great job modelling for you and Megan’s comic was so fun. Rah, rah, team Dailey! 😉

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