What other looms are out there?…a peek into a little Q&A session :)

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 New comment on your post "Martha Stewart tries her hand at Loom Knitting~" Comment: Hi Bethany I noticed that DA Looms' website shows that the store is closed and I LOVED those looms! So I came across this blog in search of a new place to get my looms. I'm looking for something similar to the FG Baby Afghan loom, would the MS loom be similar to that in any way? I was looking at the oval picture of the loom with your cat, would that be about that size? If not, do you know of anywhere I can get FG and EFG looms that would be similar? This loom looks like it offers so many different solutions and I've looked at it many time. Thanks for doing this, it definitely answered some questions for me. Thank you! 

My reply…

Hello! 🙂

Here are a few hints as to where to find some looms that would work well for what you’re wanting.  The Martha Stewart loom kit is a very versatile loom in that it creates all kinds of shapes and sizes of looms, with two different gauge options: a large gauge (similar to the Knifty Knitter/Boye Looms) and a small gauge.  Here’s a link to some videos that tell more about how you can adjust this loom for other sizes and purposes:


This loom set would really be a good replacement for a lot of different looms out there, lol!  But, I know from personal experience that loomers like to have a variety of tools to work with on their projects…who doesn’t, right? 😉

Other loom manufacturer options would be:

The link I gave you above is for their “S” shaped looms, which are most like the infinity looms previously offered by DA.  I haven’t used these looms personally, but I have heard a lot of good comments about them from people who do.

Markman Loomshttp://www.markmanfarm.com/adr  These are wonderfully handcrafted wooden looms, with either the wooden pegs which have the grooves for easier hooking (but no top knobs) or cotter pin style pegs for the finer gauged looms.  I have personally used these and can say first hand how beautifully made they are. Once you get used to that little top knob not being there, they are really great to work with!  Lynn is also currently offering a copy of Loom Knitting for Little People as a gift with a $100 purchase. 🙂

These are a loom of a completely different variety.  These looms really do it all.  They are very well made and just by a little bit of adjusting, are capable of creating several different gauges ON THE SAME LOOM! 🙂  You can also convert the pieces of looms to create really any size loom you desire. 

Authentic Knitting Boardhttp://www.knittingboard.com/
These folks are the ones that you can find in most craft stores now.  They are made of hard wood and the longer ones are mostly meant to create double knitting.  But the brand new loom, the All-n-One Loom, is a completely adjustable loom…you can knit both double and single panels, and the slider makes it possible to knit any size project, up to the loom’s size capacity.  Here’s blog post by Isela Phelps which details more technical information about this particular loom: http://isela.typepad.com/loomknitting/2012/03/all-n-one-knitting-loom-launch-by-authentic-knitting-board-company.html
These are the looms that I am most familiar with.  There may be others out there that can do the job, but these I’ve listed here are the manufacturers that I personally know have both great quality looms, paired with excellent customer service.  I hope this helps you on your loom hunt! 🙂
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5 Responses to What other looms are out there?…a peek into a little Q&A session :)

  1. kellyknits says:

    Jenny – Kiss Looms are not only adjustable by number of pegs to knit in the round but also by GAUGE! You add or subtract washers from between the peg and pin boards to increase or decrease the knitted fabric gauge. Feel free to email me with questions.

  2. Holly says:

    Thank you so much for this it was so helpful!

  3. Cheri Higdon says:

    What happened to DA Looms? Where did they go…I can’t seem to find them anywhere to get an Infinity Loom.
    Cheri H

  4. Ann says:

    The lady that was doing DA Looms has had a horrible health problem. She has MS and had an extreme downturn. Her family has closed the site while they try to catch up on back orders but they plan to make everything right. One of the ladies on a FB loom knitting page emailed her personally and got this as a response.

  5. Piia Nieminen says:

    I am really sorry for her. Hope she can get all the support she needs. I have had long term illnes myself (not ms), with ups and downs. You can get very tired when you don`t know what the future is gona be like.

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