Blogiversary/Book Announcements (& more Cat Chronicles!)

Happy Saturday to you all! 🙂   I hope you’re doing fantastic and have been enjoying the last part of summer break to the fullest before school resumes!  All I can say about our life over here is that you know it’s gone a bit wonky when your kids are super giddy about going grocery shopping, because there’s just “nothing” to eat in the house, because we’ve been just too busy to shop, because we’ve just been too busy, lol. 😛

Okie-dokie!  I’m going to just jump right into the long awaited announcements:

  1. I need to let everybody know that the book release for Loom Knitting for Little People is going to be pushed into the first half of September.  We’ve put up a gallant fight and have tried to beat the deadline, but due to circumstances that are perfectly sublime, but still out of our control, we have had to move just a bit slower on the final edits to the book.  We would have been right on schedule, but a little somebody decided to be born just a couple weeks early, lol!  We all know that babies do not run on our personal time-line, so we simply need to happily adjust and be thrilled that this publication has included yet another fun story about the involvement of an additional “little people”! 😀
  2. We’re going to be announcing the winners of the contest drawings for the Book Backers and Blogiversary Bash next Friday, August 26 at 2pm Pacific Standard Time!  Woohoo!  Who will be our lucky winners??…it may even be YOU!  🙂  We will be drawing the winning numbers via video recording and will be releasing the video promptly at 2pm, so that it feels as “live” as possible, lol.  The fun thing is that we’ll be releasing this in conjunction  with and simultaneously to the Markman Looms drawing for that wonderful $100 handcrafted loom!  Oh, what fun this will be!  Please, please, pleaseif you’ve enrolled in Lynn Markman’s portion of the contest drawing, based on the backing of the Kickstarter book launch, make sure to comply by the rules and send her a copy of your payment confirmation via email to:    Entries without a confirmation will not be guaranteed a placement in the drawing/incentives! Please see all the details for this drawing, as well as the other drawings that will be awarded at this post here.  Thanks a billion!

In other fuzzy news, we have two additional family members at our house!  Our  kitty twinletts have arrived at our home yesterday and we’ve been getting to know them and their little quirks and personalities…such fun!

Please meet Penelope Honey-Toast & Xander the Celt! (Yes, believe it or not, these are the names we chose for them the first time we got to meet them at the Humane Society, lol!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you so much for popping in!  We’ll be sure and keep you all posted as to an official release date of Loom Knitting for Little People as soon as we know the exact date…thank you so much for your understanding! 🙂


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11 Responses to Blogiversary/Book Announcements (& more Cat Chronicles!)

  1. Kathy says:

    You are seriously making me miss having a cat (dang dogs hate cats!) Enjoy them!

    No worries on the book. I’m involved with a needle knit book series that has taken over a year (so far) from conception to print. Life happens!

  2. Brenda Myers says:

    Congratulations on the new additions to your family! They look like real sweeties!

  3. I love the two new additions to the family. Kittens are so fun to watch but then become endearing cats in our lives. I don’t have any right now due to allergies but spent time with my sons cats this week while we packed for his big move toward you. Yes, they are half way there as I type. I didn’t come along this time but… there is news that they will be having a baby in the future and I will be there a bunch. Not for at least a year while they settle and get a house but then…finally 🙂
    I am excited about the book but I know it takes an army to get it out and published. When it is ready, then it will be here. I am knitting several projects anyways. Keep up the good work Bethany.

  4. ChrisB says:

    They are adorable! So good to adopt the twins. 🙂 I wish more people would do things like that. I feel so bad when I see siblings together in a cage at adoptathons and they go to different families. So sad!! I’m glad we adopted a set of twins. They won’t be apart a single day of their entire life. It fills my heart with joy knowing I had a part in it. 🙂 You will feel that, too.

  5. Angel Philipp says:

    The kitties are adorable!

  6. cre8tivkj says:

    Hehe, I see your name choices are highly influenced by the same reading material I enjoy 😉 Enjoy your little kitties, they are darling!

  7. The Kitties are absolutely adorable! Congrats on the additions to the family!

  8. Sandy Daron says:

    I am just soo very excited to be getting the book a little longer is fine.

    I LOVE your new babies!!!! They are soo beautiful!! I have always wanted a kitten!!! Thank you for getting them from the shelter and saving them from an uncertain future!!!

    Luv ya,

  9. Denise aka LeftyLoomer says:

    No worries, the book is worth the wait. I, too, have recently added a new kitten to my family. A 5 month old black rescue I’ve named Sebastian. Our house is back to a threesome. Domino has finally accepted him and they play but Buddy is being an old grouch and won’t have anything to do with Bastian. Enjoy your new babies. I’m having fun with mine. Don’t stress about the book make it right as you have it in mind. I already love what I’ve seen I know it will be great.

  10. Jenny says:

    The twinners are too cute! Love them 🙂 Wish I could give both of them a big snuggle.

    Your book is going to be fantabulous and well worth waiting just a bit longer ❤

    Hugs and loves!

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