The Dailey Cat Chronicles.

Yes, this whole issue has escalated to the point of deserving it’s own post, lol! 😉

As you may remember, our kitty cat, Gus, went missing in April.  We were lucky enough to have had this fun-lovin’ and loyal member of our family for the past 14 years.  He was an oldie…more like our grandpa than our “son-we-never-had” at age 15, which in cat years is something like 105!  😮

As time went on and we grieved for our much-loved kitty, very slowly we started to feel the spark to have another little furry feline friend.  We decided to adopt one from the Human Society.

We found this guy.

We named him Parker.

I just love his markings!  I love how playful he is and how he lands on a dime from the most impossible jumps.  I love how he always wants to be near us, and bumps his head on our legs and our hands to be petted. 🙂

The other thing I love is how HE loves to crash all comfy-cozy in the Cozy Cat Bed!  (Gus only did this very seldom, when he thought we weren’t looking, lol)

Well…he does also have a very playful side…and one that has extremely sharp teeth when he doesn’t get everything quite his way.  The below pics were snapped with my phone on an emergency trip to the doctor’s office, after we realized that my hand was quite infected beyond anything we could do to mend.

Well…needless to say, this whole experience dampened our kitty-lovin’ pleasure just a bit. 😛

Then we lost our bunny, Chester.  *sniff*

Then we got a call from the Human Society.

They said that there was a couple who have been searching for their kitty since July 5th and just missed seeing the one we adopted before he went home with us.  They hadn’t taken a picture of Parker at the HS, because we reserved him the very day that he arrived.  We did wait the customary waiting period that picked-up strays are given to make sure that their owners aren’t going to come and get them before he was taken to his surgery and treatments.  But his description matched their lost kitty and he was actually picked up just a few blocks from their home.

Well…knowing how we would feel if somebody had found our Gus (we would definitely want to have him back!), I sent pics of our Parker to the HS to see if he was a match.  We received an email with a pic of theirs attached…it was definitely, unquestionably him.  We resigned ourselves to taking him back to be reunited with his original family.

We met the gal at the HS yesterday afternoon.  I wanted us to arrive together, so that Parker wouldn’t think he was being dumped off again.  He was definitely happy to see her and started purring when she held his head so they could check him out.  It turns out our Parker is actually Homey, lol!…and his playful nature is explained by the fact that at home, his best bud is a Great Dane who has been missing him terribly!  Who would have known?

Well…while I was arranging the details, my two girlies and hubby were browsing all the kitties available in the show room.  They found 2 little litter mates, a boy and a girl, that were pretty adorable and only about 2-3 months old.  The boy is an orange tabby and the girl is a very interestingly designed calico.  We arranged a meet-and-greet in one of the private rooms and were all quickly smitten with them. 🙂  They are currently being held for us and have been slotted for their surgeries and treatments.  So…here we go again!  We did all agree on names for them both right there in the viewing room, which is a pretty good sign too.  I’m just holding out before announcing them, to see if everything goes alright this time around, lol.

Wish us luck!


PS: News on the Blogiversary and Backer drawings to be revealed soon, so stay tuned! 😀

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9 Responses to The Dailey Cat Chronicles.

  1. Jenny says:

    Ha – Parker/Homey reminds me a bit of our Houdini. (I was telling you about that spirited kitty last time we talked ;D) It’s good that he’ll be back home and happy.

    I hope your twinners (can’t help but think of the kittens that way, lol) will settle in nice and easy 🙂


  2. Patty says:

    so sorry you lost Gus and Chester, but glad you found two young’uns. Hope your hand is all better now.

  3. ChrisB says:

    Excellent adopting siblings! I did that about 8 years ago.. a boy and girl. My boy is orange and white, and his sister is an uncommon calico, also. Do share pics cuz I’m dying to see what your *twins* look like!

  4. I’m so glad you adopted 2 cats. I would never have just 1 cat at a time – they get so lonely and remote without another of their species around. Have fun and enjoy the new kids.

  5. Kathy says:

    Ouch! Hope the hand is recovered. You did good to help Homey find his people again. (Cats do not belong to people; people belong to cat lol) Best wishes with you new family additions! Post pictures. 🙂

  6. So happy that you’ve all found a pair of Kitties to fill that void. No pet will ever replace Gus or Chester, but they’ll be remembered well and you’ll move on and make happy memories with the little twins! My hubby and I adopted a pair of dogs myself 6 years ago, and we lost our boy Doc in February, the week of Valentine’s Day actually….so I understand the love and loss! Prayers for happiness to ensue with you all!

  7. Lea Cook"Kalicokat" says:

    Looking forward to the pictures as well! My, what roller coaster month you have had. My calico is about 10 y/o but you would never know it. She’s my “velcro” kitty. She goes EVERYWHERE I go, even the ladies’ room and how an eight pound kitteh can take up an entire queen size bed is beyond me. Pray you will be healed soon!

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