A Blogiversary Party Bow!

I was playing around with the new pattern for the  Bath Scrubby Video Series and found that using just about the same methods will give you absolutely adorable little ribbon bows!  See here:

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These were created with the little flower loom by Knifty Knitter, rather than the blue 24 peg round loom as shown in the videos.  I used the same methods, except for these few items:

  • I used 3 yards of  3/8″- 1/2″ wide ribbon for each bow.  I also used one strand of white sparkly WW yarn in place of the 3 strands of cotton yarn from the video.
  • After the Drawstring CO, I knit one row with the WW yarn.  Then I added the ribbon loops in the same way that I used the netting before.
  • I went around the loom two times total with the ribbon.  In the blue/green bow, I used 2 styles of ribbon; one style for each round.  The first row is the ribbon that ended up in the middle of the bow and the 2nd row ribbon ended up to the outside of the bow.
  • Because this is a grosgrain type of ribbon, it is pretty structured.  This made keeping the loops in place a little tricksy.  You have to be very careful to not move the loom around very much, or the loops will slip off the pegs.  Also, when I was knitting the last row of loops, I had my bind off yarn ready and when each loop was knit off, I threaded the BO yarn through that loop immediately.  This helped secure those loops. 😉
  • Then the yarn ends were cinched in and knotted securely.  The ribbon loops were fluffed and pulled into place as desired.  The left over yarn ends can be used to tie the bow to your package! 🙂

I hope you enjoy this alternative method of using this pattern!  Happy Blogiversary Day 2!

Tomorrow I will be sharing with you some of the answers to the questions you’ve been asking in the comments.  I’ll also be sharing about the terrifically awesome prizes we have lined up…can’t wait! 😀

PS…don’t forget to back the book project if you haven’t already…we’re at 64% with only THREE DAYS TO GO!!!  😮  Thank so much!


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3 Responses to A Blogiversary Party Bow!

  1. Jenny says:

    Super cuteness! These would look fabulous on top of a gift, or as a hair bow on a french barrette. Love them 🙂

  2. How very pretty! Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a round loom?!!!? You come up with such fun creations 🙂

  3. angelphilipp says:

    That bow is so cute, I really have to try them. I posted about the party on my blog

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