Food for thought~

I was directed to this blog article this morning through WordPress.  I thought it was such an interesting piece of insight and questioning that it deserved a link.  😉

Read the post here.

With all the frequency of blogging and twittering and status updates, it’s very important to realize that the people we are talking about…especially when it’s our own kids (or spouses!!)…could very well be reading the words we say….

and remembering.

If you look down the list of comments, you’ll find my take on the matter.  I don’t agree with everything the author has to say, but it’s definitely worth repeating that we should always show kindness and respect when dealing with others…especially when it’s our own family members and in world wide public view!

With that being said…I hope you all have a very happy week!


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2 Responses to Food for thought~

  1. domedweller says:

    Thanks for posting this, Bethany! It’s this sort of thing that partially caused me to delete my FaceBook account. I just don’t have extra time in my life for other people’s negativity.

  2. Jenny says:

    Good food for thought, Sunshine ❤ Thanks for sharing such a good reminder. Hugs!

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