An Eight Legged Spooky

is crawling it’s way toward you…

via Yahoo Groups LOOM CLASS!  🙂

We’re going to be working on Spencer the Spider during the time period of

Monday, October 18th ~ Saturday, October 23rd.

I hope you can join us in this super cute and easy spookarific project that literally can be made in one sitting.  Pop on over to enroll in the class…the webs of yarn are waiting!

ps: while you’re at it…you might give a thought to harvesting some of these Felted Wooly Pumpkins for your autumn decor. 😉

Have a Happy Haunting!

About gettinitpegged

Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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2 Responses to An Eight Legged Spooky

  1. Jenny says:

    Lucky LoomClass group! Love your fun spider, Bethany ❤

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