Sanity Savers…

There are a few things that have kept me from going absolutely bonkers over the last couple of weeks with all this looming, typing, and working out the kinks in patterns that for some reason are just plain kicking my patootie.  I will list them here in no particular order:

  1. Blackberry pie.
  2. 2 wonderful helpers that also just happen to be my daughters 😉
  3. Date nights with hubby…a must have for small escapes from the house!
  4. Chocolate.
  5. Reading Facebook, believe it or not.  It’s like an intriguing, ever-changing novel of people’s lives, lol.
  6. Soaks in a hot bath.  But of course, this is nothing new.
  7. Did I say Chocolate?  This is nothing new either, lol!
  8. Reading multiple books at once…depending on what room of the house I’m in… literally.
  9. Paying someone else to cut my dd #2’s hair for school…which turned out quite super cute, by the way.
  10. Not homeschooling this year…this should probably be at the top of the list, lol!  Nothing against homeschooling, for I think it is perfect in exactly the right circumstances, as we ourselves have proven.  This year my #2 dd is going to be heading back to the ranks of public school, as we found out last year that for her, she is better with more structure and social aspects in her life… she positively blooms.  With me at home… she stews, lol.  ;}  So, this is more to be desired  for all concerned. 
  11. Online shopping!  *see below…

My online shopping excursions have been extremely fun.  I’ve ordered (and received) 2 new looms from Decor Accents:  this one, and that one.  Love.  Them.  🙂

I also ordered some magnets and buttons from here with my own 2 Cool 4 Stix logo…of course for some prizes and giveaways to be talked about at a later date.  😉

BTW:  My Cafe Press shop is having a 20% off sale over the Labor Day Weekend!  Please pop on by to check it out!

The 3rd item I’m excitedly waiting on to arrive is my lusciously warm and carefully chosen new colors of chunky & wool from Knit Pics… 8 balls worth! 😀   The order has been shipped and I’m expecting it to arrive any day now…can’t wait!  

I’m planning on later sharing what interesting reads I’m perusing currently… laid out for your convenience in room by room order, lol.

Has the mail come yet??


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