August Update~

Here we are another week into the August goal planning for the book…let’s see how we’re doing!

  1. My daughter has started looming with me and she’s almost done test knitting one very doozy of a project.  Along the way, we’re taking step-by-step pics where needed.
  2. I’ve gotten 5 patterns typed into the computer…including 2 very involved ones!
  3. We got to travel to my little great-niece’s house to have a photo session with her sporting 3 of the projects for the book.  This was a lot of fun, as it was the first time the girls and I had gotten to meet her…she was only 2 weeks old at the time.  Such a sweetie-pie, let me tell you!  I realized I’ve already mentioned this trip in passing, but not in book context, so I thought it would be good to record about an official photo shoot, lol.  😉

That’s pretty much it for the book for last week.  I did get another pattern all typed up and submitted to the Loom Knitter’s Circle for the Fall/Winter issue, so be looking for that to be happening soon. This project is one of my favorites that I have been saving for just the right time to share with you all…I hope you enjoy it!

Something that has been taking up a lot of time last week is taking my daughter back and forth to the DMV for her written exam to get her permit (an all day long process!) and then…teaching her to drive! Yes, this is my 18 year old, newly graduated girlie, but she has until just recently been dead set against learning to.  Which, really, I think is very responsible of her.  She was so busy getting both her high school and her AA completed at the same time that she  wanted to focus on those things and not push herself too far over the top.  She also worried about being behind the wheel of a “several ton killing machine” (in her own words, lol) and didn’t feel ready for that kind of responsibility…which in itself is very responsible indeed, don’t you think??  She’s doing quite well…on Saturday, she even drove us to Fred Meyer and back.  This is really saying something, because we’re talking about driving in the streets of TACOMA!  Quite an ordeal when you’ve had tons of driving experience, let alone a newbie behind the wheel.  All in all, she’s doing quite nicely. 🙂

I think with everything going on, and all the things I’m holding in my mind, I’m starting to be a bit scatter-brained.  I’m starting to not be able to get my words out correctly when I’m speaking…strange things come out of my mouth that are really supposed to be intelligible, but are hybrids of real words and things I just make up in my addled mind, lol.  I’ve also had 3 instances last week where I was picking up something at the store which I was sure was the right thing, only to get home and discover it was absolutely the wrong thing…something that’s been a long standing joke in my family about being my hubby’s trouble, only to now find myself being afflicted. 😛  It didn’t make it any better that in every case it was something that he most often uses, and I got it wrong.  *sigh*

All this made going to my hubby’s annual family picnic for his work  yesterday very nice indeed.  I just played bingo for most of the time.  It was very soothing to only have to worry about the numbers in front of me and the only action required was placing a penny over the ones being called, lol.

…okay…enough whining.  Onto what’s up for the week ahead:

  1. Type 5 more projects into the computer.
  2. Complete test knitting for current item.
  3. Proceed to 2nd test knitting item (with pics).
  4. Bring to life 3 more projects from my notebooks.
  5. Enroll Megan into her new school.
  6. Survive more driver’s training.

If I make it through all that, it will be a small miracle indeed.  Well…considering the driver’s training, it might not be so small after all, lol!  😉

Hope you all have a super fantastic week!


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4 Responses to August Update~

  1. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    I love the sneak peeks at the mystery projects. You have been very busy. One pattern is enough. You are compiling a book plus had time for all that other stuff? I would babel too.I hate deadlines.

  2. Jolene Torgler says:

    I love getting your email posts! You are just a bit younger than I, so you sound like you’ve started the “ageless” days! (a.k.a. middle-life:) I have been working on some drawstring bags using your scrubbi-o pattern, and a regular knit tube on the blue KK loom. I’ve made 3 already, and have beads hanging down on the bottom of them for accents. They are so cute and make great little bags for anything (I-Pods, Cell Phones, etc.) Will send you a pic or two.
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your world with the rest of us!
    Looming peacefully,
    Jolene Torgler

  3. Kathy says:

    Right there with you on feeling scatter-brained. So far no major issues but I did catch myself taking the milk to the pantry the other day. ;P

  4. gettinitpegged says:

    hahaha! It’s crazy, isn’t it?? I’ve calmed down a bit just because I’ve limited my online time. Releasing that pressure helps tremendously, but unfortunately I’m not updating my bloggie as much. Oh, well. We have prioritize right, lol? I think folks would prefer I work on the book rather than rambling incoherently several times weekly on the blog! ;D

    btw: I love hearing about your projects, even the needle knitted ones! 😉


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