not much to say…

…except that I’ve managed to complete 3 new projects last week! 😀

Well…I’m actually only counting it as one of the seven that need to get done this month, but it really is three individual variations of a project that was on the list to be created, although it is under one main pattern title.  Got it?  Good! 😉

The other interesting piece of news is that I now have an employee!  My daughter Emily is going to be helping me loom up some of these goodies so that we are actually going to have a chance at meeting these deadlines…yippee!   She’s a very talented yarn crafter and will be an excellent right arm…especially since I’m a leftie, lol.

I did get to travel to my old home town of Chehalis twice last week.  We went to see my new grand-niece, Presley Elizabeth, on Tuesday…what a precious thing she is!  So cuddly and sweet…I could just hover over her and take pictures of her every breath and twitch, lol.  It was hard to pull away!  I found myself with the same difficulty when I got to visit with her again at our Albright Family Reunion on Saturday, which was the other reason for us to travel south.  It was really a lot of fun seeing everyone again and we realized when taking group pictures that we had FIVE generations in attendance!  Wow!  That’s something, isn’t it?  We decided that we’re going to bring the family into the computer age by starting a FB page so we can stay in touch better…that’s another something when you consider all those early generations figuring out how to work it all, lol!

Well…I should be off.  Back to Loomy-ville I go, lol! 😉  I’m thinking of making a collage of bits and pieces of projects finished thus far for the book…let you try and guess what they all are, lol!  Maybe I’ll have a little prize for the someone who guesses the most correct items.  hmmm…definitely something to think about!

Have a wonderful week…make it gReAt!!!


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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