Yes…twenty is the number of the day… as it’s been twenty years since my hubby and I officially tied the knot.  In hind sight, it feels like such a short time ago, yet like we’ve always been together.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I thought it would be fun to have our own little anniversary party right here.  I’ve posted this video just in case you’d like to relive the highlights of our day… including a song that we sang to each other during the ceremony!  Yes…you get to hear me try to hold a note, lol. 😉  My Evan sings like a dream and I think you’ll get a little hint as to why I fell head over heels in love and find myself still in that condition today. I hope you enjoy!  Now I’m off to get ready for our anniversary date… I hope you all have a great night too!

***edited to add a note of thanks:

“I want to give you all a big Thank You for your wonderful well wishes for our twentieth anniversary!  You’ve made it even more special than it already would have been. There’s nothing like good friends to celebrate important milestones with! 🙂

We had a very wonderful day…we went out to an early dinner, then we drove a short distance to a local beach and enjoyed the (very rare to us around here lately, lol) sunshine, while watching the sailboats on the water and listening to the lapping of the waves. 🙂 It was very quiet, but very nice, to get away for a bit and enjoy each other’s company, reminiscing, and conversation. I amazes me that even after twenty plus years of being together, we still find plenty of things to talk about and are still discovering new things about one another. We are truly blessed!

Thank you all again for your wishes blessings…you all deserve to receive just as many in return…Hugs!

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9 Responses to Twenty~

  1. Sue says:

    Beautiful video. Congrats on Your wedding anniversary.

  2. June says:

    Wishing you and hubby the happiest Anniversary ever!

    Have a great one Bethany!

  3. domedweller says:

    Thanks for sharing those precious moments with all of us, Bethany. You two made & still make the most perfect couple. Awesome job on the song, too! I even got a kick out of you wedding limo;-)

    Happy anniversary and best wishes for many, many more.

  4. LindaJ says:

    Happy Anniversary, Bethany and Evan. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us. May you both be blessed with many more happy years to come! It’s a wonderful journey!


  5. isela says:

    Happy anniversary!!! I loved the video you put together. Thank you for sharing this day with us.

  6. It’s so wonderful to see such a happy beginning to a marriage that continues to be joyous and true even after 20 years. Thanks for sharing your memories with us all. You’re a lucky couple.

    And to many more,

  7. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    Beautiful video. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I have 9 years on you. I love the get away vehicle and leaving in reverse.
    Have a wonderful celebration today.

  8. MARIA TOVAR says:

    Dear Bethany,
    Congratulations on your anniversary!!! Beautiful couple!! Love is in the air, it really is. This wonderful video was just as if we were invited to your wedding. Thanks for sharing.



  9. Chasity says:

    AWWW How sweet!!

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