…some great advice!

I received this email article from Knitting Daily today and thought that it was definitely worth passing on.  As someone who has experienced extensive damage to her wrists, I can attest to how important this information is to crafters of all types.  The focus is on needle knitting, but the same principles apply to loom knitting, crochet, or any repetitive activity.

I hope you find it useful!  Cheers! 😀


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2 Responses to …some great advice!

  1. Maria Tovar says:

    That is a great article!!! Thank you Bethany.

  2. Thanks Bethany…I printed out the exercises for my knitting tote so I’ll always have them handy. I never experienced such pain until I started (became obsessed with) loom knitting a couple of years ago. Now I have damage for life I’m afraid. For some reason I never had any problems crocheting even though like with loom knitting I became obsessed with it crocheting lap afghans about 7 years ago.

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